Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'd Stick To Attacking Christians If I Were You, Mate - II

I posted a while back on the "battle of the designated victims" between the Muslim community and the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA), whose magazine called Islam a 'barmy doctrine' and accused its adherents of 'unrestrained and irresponsible breeding', the sort of thing people used to say about Catholics not so long ago. Not the first ding-dong between Pink and Green, either.

I noted that Islam wasn't big on turning the other cheek and suggested that Christians might make a safer target.

Judging by their home page, GALHA have taken my advice to heart. And so have the Gaye Police Association.

"The Gay Police Association (GPA) is being investigated after it claimed a rise in homophobic attacks was due to religious belief.

An advert, showing a Bible next to a pool of blood under the heading "in the name of the father", appeared in a national newspaper's supplement.

Scotland Yard said the inquiry "centres on whether the advert constitutes a faith crime."

The GPA refused to comment while the matter was still under investigation.

The advert appeared in the Diversity supplement of the Independent newspaper on 29 June, two days ahead of the Europride gay and lesbian parade in London.

It stated: "In the last 12 months, the GPA has recorded a 74% increase in homophobic incidents, where the sole or primary motivating factor was the religious belief of the perpetrator.""

Alas I couldn't find the figures on their website - there's a surprise. But we are all well aware of the huge number of homophobic attacks carried out by Christians. Why, Rasputin himself has blamed his flock for provoking such assaults.

As a citizen, it's good to see that the police are so aware of the communities from which such crimes are most likely to spring. I'm sure that, whichever religion it was preaching hate against the GLBT community, they would not hesitate to picture the relevant holy book next to a pool of blood, complete with quote.

And as a Christian, it's good to see that they recognise that the practice of Christianity is not compatible with the practice of homosexuality. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your belief. These guys certainly did.


Anonymous said...

I used to muse on the hierarchy of victimhood. Now I realise its quite straightforward, with some qualifications. Black/brown/muslim always trumps white. Its straightforward and robust when applied in real world cases. A white lesbian disabled peace activist vs black rapist - who is the 'real' victim? A no-brainer.

Anonymous said...

This article by the BBC concerning the queens in blue is bizarre:

Welcome to 'diverse' Britain. Of course, it had to appear in the Independent's "Diversity" supplement. I'm surprised the Independent degraded the holy grail of "diversity" by relegating it to a separate hate-sheet.

Now, replace the Bible with a certain other religious text, and replace "Father" with you-know-who (I'm being very cautious to avoid prosecution under the mustn't criticise you-know-what act) and you aren't far from the truth.

This is a classic case of the Left projecting their true fears onto a scapegoat. They know and we know that Muslims are responsible for a large proportion of the attacks against homosexuals in this country, as they are in France and elsewhere. To point that out though would be literally unthinkable, a thoughtcrime, but all of that agitation and hate has to go somewhere, so instead they hit a small, soft and adjacent target, namely Christians.

Laban said...

anonymous2 - surely not ! I'm reliably informed that said religion is a religion of tolerance for all etc etc

anonymous1 - not always. Some Jamaican chap who sang about shooting 'batty boys' got his concerts (in Brighton, admittedly) cancelled the other week. But you have to be up there in the incitement category before you'll get into trouble.

Whereas the evil white male is guilty of incitement simply for disapproving of something. See the link to Rasputin's remarks about Christians who follow the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous1 again.

I did say with qualifications;)

Often the hierarchy is thrown up by omission in reporting. We used to hear a lot about date rape, often involving white middle class men & women. If one looks for muslim gang rape rape and any moral panic one can only really see it in the right of the blogosphere. It doesnt exist in the 'real' world at all. (I might even have read that hear first Laban).

Anonymous said...

I quite like the idea of Christians performing hate-crimes. Do they force their victims to drink tea and the discuss knitting patterns for the church fete? Maybe they persecute their victims by singing them hymns and arranging flowers with them!

Meanwhile, the police-state will continue to fly its kites, testing public opinion for the next thing to ban (hand-guns, foxhunting, smoking in pubs -- why not church-bells and incense as well?). Religion nowadays is obviously an easier target than it has been in the past, but churchgoers are still a big enough minority to be the Left's biggest prize yet.