Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hell Hath No Furry ?

'Twas five years back that I noticed Lib Dem MP John Hemming's unusual domestic arrangements :

Mr Hemming said his wife Christine had shown her support and was "there if Emily needs any help".
It sounds as if, not unnaturally, Mrs Hemming (allegedly) wasn't so cool after all about things :

The wife of Birmingham MP John Hemming has appeared in court accused of stealing a kitten belonging to her husband’s one-time mistress.

Christine Hemming, 52, is charged with burglary at the home of Emily Cox.


She has three children by Mr Hemming and is a senior partner of recruitment agency Diverse City Services.
Can't do the business any harm when your husband's a local MP and his party share power in Brum (in a Tory/LD coalition). I wonder if the City Council ever use them for recruiting?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet The New Boss ...

Police said that the Chinese executives opened fire on workers protesting against poor pay and conditions at the Collum coal mine in the southern Sinazongwe province of Zambia on Friday.

Eleven people were admitted to hospital with wounds to the stomachs, hands and legs, and two are understood to remain in a critical condition. A Foreign Ministry official in Beijing said that the shooting was a "mistake" ...

Xiao Li Shan, 48, and Wu Jiu Hua, 46, both supervisors at the Collum Coal Mine, appeared briefly in court yesterday charged with attempted murder and were remanded in custody.

Not quite the Ludlow Massacre, from those far-off days when the US was violent and the UK peaceful, but not nice. To be fair to the managers, when rocks were thrown at them they probably thought 'what would they do in China?' - then did it.