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Young Men "Only After One Thing" Shock Horror (incorporating Saturday Night Music)

A third of teenage girls suffer sexual abuse in a relationship and a quarter experience violence at the hands of their boyfriends, a survey suggests.

Nearly 90% of 1,400 girls aged 13 to 17 had been in intimate relationships, the NSPCC and University of Bristol found.

Of these, one in six said they had been pressured into sexual intercourse ...

Don't think I take this issue lightly - no father of a young daughter could do. But what the NSPCC and University of Bristol have to tell us is something that's been known for thousands of years. It appears the sexual revolution has destroyed our collective memory. Our grandparents and their grandparents knew that a young man would say anything and promise anything to get a young woman into bed.

"That's not the promise that you gave to me
When first you lay on my breast,
You could make me believe with your lying tongue
That the sun rose in the west."

The 60s cultural revolution created more of a buyer's market. An attractive young man / hip young dude could be more up-front.

"If you gotta go, go now
Or else you got to stay all night"

"Yesterday has just departed,
And tomorrow hasn't started,
All that really matters is right now"

"I didn't tell you no lies, girl
So don't just sit there and cry, girl"

One of the many admirable things about our Muslim communities is that these simple verities are still part of their culture - and inform family life. While they are acutely aware that young men have issues around sexual continence, they make damn sure that, whoever is parked up with three boys, round the corner from the fast-food place, in the S-reg Corsa - it won't be little Pashmina.

A Few Shotgun Blasts From the Curate's Coppice

The IPPR are right !

An exodus of high-skilled immigrants leaving Britain should have us more worried than the current debate allows, a thinktank has claimed. Research from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) suggests the number of 're-migrants' - those who come to work in Britain but return to their country of origin soon afterwards - is set to remain on the increase for several years to come.

In the year to September 2008 the number of non-British nationals leaving the country rose by 30 per cent... It recommends that, as well as attracting these higher-skilled workers to come to Britain, ministers should consider doing more to dissuade them from returning home.

They came over here, stabbed the Poles the locals just didn't want to stab, and now they're off home !

A judge has issued police with a European Arrest Warrant in their hunt for a second man who has fled the country to avoid being jailed for an horrific knife attack in Bradford. Remigiusz Klata, 26, of Seaton Street, Barkerend, Bradford, was due to be sentenced yesterday. But the court was told he was believed to have fled bail to his native Poland having already admitted his part in the unprovoked attack on fellow countryman Artur Wojtowicz.

Mr Wojtowicz suffered multiple stab wounds to his shoulder and hand and was also struck by a bottle in a two-hour orgy of violence at his home in Newforth Grove, Bowling, Bradford, on February 17, 2007. After he had been stabbed with a kitchen knife, Mr Wojtowicz was urinated on by his attackers in a final act of indignity.

Rafal Kamil Krajewski, 31, then of Manningham Lane, Bradford, and Grzegorz Holubowicz, 29, of Parsonage Road, Tyersal, Bradford, were jailed for a total of 16 years at Bradford Crown Court last month. Sentencing went ahead in the absence of Krajewski, who is also on the run – again believed to be somewhere in Poland, after he skipped court bail last Christmas. Once caught he faces nine years in prison. At yesterday’s hearing, the court was told that absent accomplice Klata had previously pleaded guilty to attacking Mr Wojtowicz.

Recorder Jonathan Sandiford adjourned sentencing to the first available date after November 1 to give police more time to try to recapture Klata, as well as the missing Krajewski.

This story is another in the Reality 1, Satire 0 genre. Julie Bindel's not going to like it one bit.

The refusal to move a pre-operative transsexual prisoner from a men's jail to a women's prison is a violation of her human rights, says the High Court. Deputy Judge David Elvin QC quashed Justice Secretary Jack Straw's decision to keep the 27-year-old, who cannot be identified, in a male prison.

Referred to as "A", she is serving a life sentence for manslaughter and attempted rape, committed when a man.

That's up there with the schizophrenic strangler in the next black cab you stop :

London taxi drivers are planning to demonstrate against a paranoid schizophrenic killer being allowed to study to become a black-cab driver.

The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, strangled his wife in 2000 and was jailed indefinitely for manslaughter in 2001.
Just don't query the fare !

I've said before that the ire projected at the anti-immigration BNP would, in their absence, be projected at anti-immigration UKIP. Here's the kind of stuff you'd see - via former Euro-MEP Richard Corbett - he lost his seat when Nick Griffin got in, ironically.

Told you so department. Laban :

Now when Labour supporters talk about 'working class' or 'working people' - they are most often referring to NON-working people - the underclass - unemployed and unemployable despite the boom years.
News :

“It means they’ll save about £109 million on housing benefit,” said Mr Orr. “But against a spend of almost £16 billion a year this is marginal. For the 40% of tenants who pay their own rents the average saving would be about £1.36 a week. But, the majority of tenants we’ve spoken to would rather keep their services and see new homes built than have reduced rents."
Or, washing the golden stat from the mud - 60% of "social housing" tenants don't pay any rent. 60% !

Laban can remember the days when 'social housing' was full of people who worked for a living.

The website of David Rudkin - the Bromsgrove High School teacher and playwright who had a huge critical success, never quite to be repeated, with 'Afore Night Come'. Memory is failing, but I seem to remember playing bridge against him at Aston Fields Working Men's Club as was.

"the council is prepared to voluntarily grant a reasonable amount of expressions of freedom"

Decent of them, I'm sure.

The Orange Lodge will have to pay thousands of pounds in costs under secret plans being drawn up by police and council chiefs, if traditional parades continue.
The Scotsman can reveal that the Lodge will be warned that unless it contributes a share of the estimated annual £1.5 million policing bill, a new law restricting the number of marches could be invoked. The threat signals a tougher approach to the parades, especially in Glasgow, where city bosses have run out of patience after discovering that the city now hosts 250 parades every year – more than Belfast and Londonderry combined.

Glasgow city chiefs say financial penalties would also apply to Irish Republican marches which are increasing in number. Other councils, such as West Lothian and West Dunbartonshire, are understood to be observing developments and plan to introduce their own charges if the plan is invoked.

I can see the police's point. Idiots on either side try to disrupt the marches and it costs a bomb. But what price is freedom ? Couldn't the idiots be given exemplary sentences instead ? I suppose that's not the Scots way.

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Edlington Child Attacks - Tomorrow's Guardian Editorial Today

Time to get out the all-purpose Guardian piece:

The natural horror felt at (insert appalling crime here) should not blind us to the fact that (crime is actually falling/it is all Thatcher's fault/such crimes have always been with us).

If we surrender to (the tabloid agenda/the Daily Mail hysteria/knee-jerk populism/the politics of the soundbite) and take the easy option of (jailing more of our young people/bringing back the birch/bringing back hanging/walling off the cities then bombing them/demonising our young people) we run the very real risk of (actually achieving something/alienating a generation/an invasion of killer bees).

There is only one answer. An enormous increase in the funding of (Sure Start schemes/outreach workers/emotional intelligence mentors/youth projects/anti-racist 5-a-day smoking cessation co-ordinators).

Non-racist racist murders ?

I noted this Bradford murder last year.

Police who were called to the incident in Gaythorne Road, West Bowling, yesterday found three men with stab wounds – three other people, including a woman, have now been arrested on suspicion of murder. The injured, a 17-year-old, 22-year-old and 24-year-old, all from Bradford were taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary. Surgeons battled to save the 22-year-old but he died shortly before 3am today... Initial reports from bystanders suggest there had been fighting for about 20 minutes between rival black and Asian gangs.
There's been a trial, verdict and sentence :

A teenager who murdered a man in a revenge attack has been branded a remorseless killer and locked up for at least 12 years. A judge yesterday told Guyan Guthrie, 18, he had shown no regret over the death of Rashid Elahi. “You are not in the least bit concerned about what happened,” Mr Justice Griffith Williams said. He ordered Guthrie, 17 at the time of the murder, to be detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure. He will not be able to apply for parole for 12 years.

Guthrie, of Canterbury Avenue, Bradford, was convicted by a jury at Bradford Crown Court on Monday of murdering Mr Elahi, 21, of Ryan Street, West Bowling, Bradford, on July 25 last year. He was also found guilty of wounding Tajambal Salim, of West Bowling, with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm. Anasta Decosta, 26, also of Canterbury Avenue, was jailed for 15 months for unlawfully wounding Shahid Iqbal. All three victims were attacked in daylight in Gaythorne Road, West Bowling. The judge said Guthrie and Decosta were armed with knives for a revenge mission after Guthrie was attacked near Newby School.

Just another knife murder - nothing to see here ...

Guthrie, looking for a lone Asian to attack, stabbed Mr Salim in the back, inflicting a life-threatening wound.

Guthrie then went for Mr Elahi, who was posing no threat. He stabbed him downwards with such force that the knife cut through two bones and went into his lung.

If that court report is correct, wasn't that a racist attack ?

Here's another knife murder :

Abdinasir Hassan, 21, from Southwark, started a fight in an internet cafe in June last year but he was overpowered by a group of Algerian men. He took revenge by fatally stabbing Algerian waiter Hamouda Bessaad, 34, in the back in Old Kent Road. Mr Bessaad was not involved in the earlier fight.

Mr Bessaad was walking home from work when Hassan ran up to him from behind and stabbed him in the back "with such force that the blade snapped off".

Was he stabbed for looking Algerian ?

"The defendant must have thought that he was one of that earlier group of Algerian men," Mr Denison said.

Ah yes. They all look the same, don't they ? Mr Denison is prosecuting, not defending. You'd rather hope the prosecution would like to find out what actually happened, instead of pasting his suppositions onto the defendant.

I don't know. I just get the feeling in both these cases that, had the perpetrator been white, we'd be reading about them for the next six months.

War Stories

Did I tell you about the time my mother was in the WRAF ? She was at a fighter base in Hampshire. There were a lot of Polish pilots there, and the WRAFs were all very fond of them.

One day my mother heard that Stefan, one of her favourites, had crashed in flames and was critically ill. She got on the bus to the hospital and was admitted to his room. He lay there, swathed in bandages, covered in drips and tubes, his eyes hardly responding. She stood by the bed and held his hand.

Suddenly life seemed to come to him. He raised his head, looked her in the eyes and whispered weakly to her :

“Stoisz … stoisz na mojej rurki!”

“I’m sorry, Stefan, I don’t understand. But I’ll stay right here with you”

“Stoisz na mojej rurki!”

“Is it a message for someone ? Is it a girl ? What is it ?”

Stefan made an effort to sit up, feebly whispered “Stoisz na mojej rurki ..”, then fell back - dead.

Poor Mother was heartbroken and vowed to pass on his final words. When she got back to base she told one of the Polish officers about Stefan and asked him what he’d been trying to say to her.

“I’m afraid it means … ‘you are standing on my respirator tube’”


at Biased-BBC.

By the way, do you live in a local authority area plastered with "a third of food is thrown away" posters by the local authority ? That's what WRAP do - enable your local authority to lie to you - at your own expense !

Read this.

Read, Weep

While we're on the subject of abduction by thugs, this. Usual useless social workers, powerless police, waster parents.

There's always been an small underclass - lefties used to call them the lumpenproletariat. But it's been the toxic synergy between the cultural revolution ('if it feels good, do it') and the welfare state which has expanded it so spectacularly.

Oh dear

The story of Noor Ramjanally, abducted and threatened by BNP thugs for the crime of leading Muslim prayers in an Essex community centre, was all over the left blogs a week or two back. And indeed, as MacGonagall might put it, if it were true, it would indeed be sad.

Those commenters who reckoned it was a put up job were given short shrift as jackboot-wearing apologists for etc etc. I was agnostic - had no idea one way or other of the truth, so "lay low and said nuthin'".

Alas for human frailty.
A Muslim community leader who claimed he was kidnapped from his home at knifepoint and dumped in woodland after a BNP hate campaign has been arrested for perverting the course of justice. Noor Ramjanally, 36, alleged that he was abducted by two men, bundled into a car boot, driven to Epping Forest in Essex and ordered to stop his religious work. The BNP had been accused of whipping up racial tensions in the area after it issued an inflammatory leaflet about Mr Ramjanally's Islamic community group - the first in Loughton.

His alleged ordeal became a cause celebre among the Muslim community both locally and nationally after it was reported in the national press. Recalling the supposed abduction, he said: "I have got the whole UK Muslim community behind me now. I am not just on my own." And after the alleged arson attack, high-profile community figures, including Loughton Mayor Ken Angold-Stephens, religious leaders, teachers and members of the police attended the hall where he holds prayer sessions in a show of support.

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Mea Maxima Culpa

I can't remember where, but I posted somewhere that the Left seemed to be far less paranoid than the Right when it came to the malignant influence of Her Majesty's Government. The Respect split generated vast numbers of comments at places like Socialist Unity, but nowhere did I see anyone fingering MI5 as involved.

By contrast the BNP split of 2007, and even more the leaking of the membership list in 2008 generated reams of speculation about state involvement. And, to be fair, Occam's Razor seemed to point that way. I was as guilty as anyone.

Generally I am a firm believer in Mr Cock-up rather than Mr Conspiracy. But the thesis put forward by Nick Griffin yesterday - that the list was released by a senior ex-member who thought the party were too moderate - seems unlikely. I'm not a guru of BNP internal politics, but I thought last years split was over tactics and personalities rather than strategy.
What I obviously forgot was how very unpleasant a split over personalities can be.

A judge attacked an ex-member of the British National Party for living off the state today as he fined him £200 for releasing membership details online. District Judge John Stobart described Matthew Single's decision to publish the names and contact details of some 12,000 BNP party members as "foolish and criminally dangerous"...

The Crown Prosecution Service said that following his guilty plea, they were dropping the charges against his wife, 30-year-old Sadie Graham-Single. She was not at court today, having moved with her husband from Church Lane, Brinsley, Nottinghamshire, to a new home in the south of England, the address of which was not disclosed by the court. More than 160 complaints were made to the police from BNP members across the country after they became victims of revenge attacks following the publication of the list last November.

Outside court, Detective Sergeant Chris Reynolds said he was "disappointed" with today's result. He added: "It's taken a great deal of work to get the case to court. "There was pretty serious stuff after what happened. People were fearful for their safety. There was an arson attack on a vehicle; there were daubings and malicious communications. White powder was also put through people's letterboxes purporting to be anthrax and there were daubings of swastikas on garage doors and on homes."

The row between Single, his wife and the BNP started in December 2007 when the couple were expelled from the party for launching a blog, calling on Nick Griffin to sack a number of their colleagues. They then used the membership list to send out a bogus BNP mailshot demanding Nick Griffin change the structure of the party. After this, the BNP successfully sought a court order against Single, who trained its members in security techniques, and his wife, banning them from publishing the details of the party's members. Although Mrs Graham-Single had given the information to her husband he was prosecuted for publishing the details on the web.

The BNP says the dispute within the party started when Single and some of his former colleagues tried to install Mrs Graham-Single as leader and were frustrated because they were unable to make constitutional changes taking power away from the leadership. Single, on the other hand, claims the party had become entirely focused on making money and had turned in to a "cult" centred on Nick Griffin. He said he wanted to make the party seem more acceptable to mainstream voters and less focused on extreme politics. Outside court, Single, dressed in a checked shirt and brown pin-striped trousers, said the BNP had become a cult. He also denied rumours he and his wife were actually members of a socialist organisation who had infiltrated the BNP."The BNP at grassroots level has some very good and honest people but I think at the top of the party it's very corrupt," he said. "It seems to be more to do with about trying to make money than about trying to serve local communities. It's turned into a cult where all the members look to one person, that being the party leader, Nick Griffin. This happened because Griffin saw Sadie as a challenge to his authority, as a threat. We wanted to make the party something far more acceptable."

I know from the local papers that a couple of pensioners in Gloucester had their house graffiti'd when the list came out.

Just goes to show. How anyone can convince themselves that publicly outing a party membership, especially for a party whose members should be shot or duffed up in the streets, will encourage them to join a breakaway, I'm not sure. The SWP walked off with the Respect membership list, computers and passwords, but I didn't see them appearing on wikileaks. There appeared to be no possible reason why the breakaway faction would want to do such a thing, and I still can't see one now.

But in the meantime, I owe an apology to our government. They are not quite as anti-democratic as I thought them to be. In their Canute-like struggle there are still one or two things they won't do. Yet.

UPDATE - it still seems an unreal thing to do for any political activist who's not actually mentally ill. Most strange.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Miiaaooww !

The Very British Dude on the Commonwealth decision to expel Fiji :

It seems that the driving force behind this expulsion is the New Zealanders yet again. It has had another hissy fit over Fiji and its lack of democracy. Well New Zealand, you could always invade and restore it. That is you could once you've bought and trained the Air Force you scrapped to fly them there.

Oh, and made sure that your bullets have nice safe rubber tips so you don't injure your future All Blacks starting XV.

A Few Unpaid Bills From the Curate's In-Tray

As a lefty student, I remember the Socialist Labour League (which transmogrified into the Workers Revolutionary Party) as being a particularly committed and hard-working set of idealists, who always seemed to think revolution was just around the corner. "The current crisis of capitalism" was a recurring theme - and indeed back in the 70s it did seem that way. Someone I knew actually joined the Army in order that he'd have the required skillset come the revolution.

Of course, the whole thing was an authoritarian shambles, if there can be such a thing, run by someone who, it transpired, had a long and inglorious (if impressive) track record of persuading impressionable young recruits that it was their revolutionary duty to service the wants of the great leader. "From each according to her abilities, to one according to his needs". Hmm. Small socialist party, charismatic leader who likes putting it about ? Couldn't happen nowadays, could it?

The whole sorry story is here. For those who don't want the dialectic, the early 70s are here. I wouldn't have cast Ted Heath as Bonaparte myself, for all his faults :

During the election campaign Healy proclaimed that Heath was intent on installing a police-military dictatorship, and Workers Press carried a series of bloodcurdling headlines to this effect.
And Downfall is here. Though it was the defeat of the miners that broke the movement :

Convinced that police-military dictatorship was imminent, he had £20,000 in cash and a BMW car secretly stashed away in order to flee the country in the event of a fascist coup.
the final nail in Healy’s political coffin was :

... the eruption of a sexual scandal centring on his corrupt relations with women comrades. Again, there was nothing new in this... All of this, however, had been kept from the membership ...

It was later stated that the women Healy pressurised into having sexual relations with him ‘mistakenly believed that the revolution – in the form of the "greatest" leader demanded this, the most personal sacrifice of all. They were not coerced ... physically, but every pressure was brought to bear on them as revolutionaries’. The situation was ‘not so much rape but ... sexual abuse by someone in a position of power and trust’. It was, Dave Bruce comments, ‘wholesale sexual corruption in a manner analogous to these religious sects. There’s a very close parallel’.

Paul Kingsnorth is a green lefty who doesn't think open borders are a good thing. He's a tad worried about where we're going. Worth a read.

"You are all racist, I'm telling you" - Munshur Ali, convicted of raping two thirteen year olds, tries a defence that might have done better before the verdict. To be fair, were he as innocent as he claims, he may have had a point - but I don't think consent (his defence) applies to such a young age - no matter what your ethnicity.

The vanishing work ethic, the jail inferno (Rikers Island) and Dalrymple on inflation - all at City Journal, or would be if they could fix their mySQL database.

"#HY000Host '' is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'"
Listen to the man, won't you ?

Evidently Savile Town - is this just random targetting ? To be fair, this kind of thing happens all over the country.

Yobs targeted the Thornhill-bound Arriva bus as it pulled away from a stop in Savile Road late on Saturday night. It was the second successive night the Thornhill bus had been attacked.

The passenger who was injured, a man aged 56, told how stones smashed windows on both sides of the bus. The attack happened at 11pm opposite the BP garage. The man, who is white and a local businessman, rushed off the bus to chase the youths, bleeding from a cut to his face.

“They told me not to come shouting in their area,” he said. “I told them it was my area as well. I was born and bred in Dewsbury. “There were other Asians around and they said what happened was wrong and it would be sorted. I don’t want to scare people but they have to know what is going on.”

Two weeks ago The Press reported how three white boys, one aged 12 and two aged 14, were set upon by a gang of Asian youths nearby. The teenagers were confronted and asked why they were walking through Savile Town. One boy was struck on the side of the head, causing his ear to bleed.
I think the Press isn't listening to the local Community Cohesion Partnerhip. Anyway, maybe Savile Town's always been that way.

It was seventy years ago today :

By 1945, more than six million Polish citizens had been killed (18 per cent), almost half of them Jewish. Nearly half of Poland's territory had been forcibly annexed by the Soviet Union. The country's capital, Warsaw, was a desert of ruins, more completely destroyed than any European city. And Poland's precious independence, so rashly guaranteed by Britain, had sunk without trace, not to resurface until 1989.
The Polish government has kept its cool. Premier Tusk repeated yesterday that he wanted to make Poland's wartime experiences widely known, but also that he wanted to improve relations with Russia...

The Polish media are less restrained. Excited discussions are taking place on radio and television. Total disbelief is the commonest reaction. Behind the talking heads of its panellists, one TV channel has been running non-stop documentary film sequences. They show Ribbentrop and Molotov in Moscow, huge columns of Soviet tanks and cavalry rolling across the Polish frontier and the scenes from the town in central Poland where on 23 September 1939 German and Soviet forces staged a joint victory parade.

As the Russian government must realise, however, Poland will only be the start of a long, uncomfortable season. After Poland, it will be Finland's turn, and the 70th anniversary of the Winter War. Stalin's aggression against Finland in November 1939 was every bit as blatant as his actions against Poland. His German partner was not involved, and the despatch of a million troops into a neighbouring country to deport the entire population of the frontier area can hardly be described as the doings of a neutral well-wisher. It led to the expulsion of the USSR from the League of Nations. And after Finland, there will be Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania. At every stage, there will be scenes of peace-loving tanks, of executions and deportations, and of weeping patriots.

So Vladimir Putin has some explaining to do next Tuesday.

Everyone knows about the Palestinians driven out in 1948. Not so many know - or care - about the former inhabitants of what used to be East Prussia and Western Poland. Admittedly the Palestinians hadn't started WW2. While I can see the ancestral appeal of Israel, I always thought it would have been just if East Prussia had become the Jewish State. Stalin would doubtless have vetoed the idea. After all, they already had the Jewish Autonomous Region.

Back home in Germany, Erika Steinbach is hardly a household name. But in neighboring Poland she is a national hate figure, caricatured on magazine covers as a Nazi in SS uniform. Her offense, in Polish eyes, is that she claims to speak for the millions of ethnic Germans who were expelled from their homes in Poland and elsewhere in eastern Europe after World War II. These accusers say she is revising history and drawing a moral parallel between the cruelties the Germans inflicted and the sufferings they later endured.

The recriminations go to the heart of the resentments that still bubble up from the war that broke out with Hitler's attack on Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. Today, as Polish, German and Russian leaders join on Tuesday to mark the anniversary, Polish-German relations are at one level an idyll of open borders and shared membership in the prosperous, democratic European Union.

But at another level, they are one rancorous episode after another: a Polish prime minister demanding greater voting power in European forums to make up for Poland's war-related loss of population; a German magazine article that stirs Polish outrage by saying Germany had the willing help of Poles and others in executing its genocidal actions; and now a new museum in Berlin, championed by Steinbach, that will exhibit the hardships of the world's refugees through history, especially the wartime Germans.
Many of my generation are children of the war, one way or another. Were it not for Hitler's rise, my father's parents would never have sent him to England, my mother would not have been in the WRAF. I was talking about it to a friend with a Polish surname not so long ago.

"Which part of Poland are your forebears from, then ?"

"They're not - my father was from the Ukraine"

"The Ukraine ? How on earth did he end up here ? Didn't all Soviet soldiers - and prisoners - get sent back to Russia ?"

"Ah, but you see - he was on the other side !"

Monday, August 31, 2009

I Predict A Riot ?

It's an endless feedback loop.

As I said in my Brum post, there's a 'provocation' and then a disproportionate response. The provocation, as in the Bradford riots, doesn't have to actually exist. Rumour is sufficient evidence.

LONDON (Reuters) - A group of 200 Asians attacked a police patrol team with fireworks in Luton, north of London, where a right-wing march had been planned, police said on Sunday. In a statement Bedfordshire Police said 50 officers and six police horses had been called in the afternoon after a small team of constables and police community support volunteers had been attacked by about "200 members of the younger Asian community" in the Bury Park area of Luton.

Two people were arrested but nobody was injured, a spokeswoman for the police told Reuters. The incident occurred on the day far right-wing groups had planned to march through the town. A three-month blanket banning order on marching in the town, approved by the home secretary a week ago, prevented the march. It is the third banning order of the kind issued in the town in the last four years, the police spokeswoman said.

Chief Superintendent Andy Frost said: "There has been extensive public consultation and work behind the scenes to ensure Luton was not the chosen venue for any kind of march or protest but it would seem that for no apparent reason disorder has broken out in Bury Park." Policing of the area returned to "normal levels" at around 7 pm, "with the disorder dealt with and the crowds dispersed." police said.

My reading of this is that after the earlier unpleasantness in the town the youth were all fired up for a rematch. Why put the game off just because the other side's not turned up ?

Were it not for the police, who stopped the youth heading for the town centre, I imagine, as in Brum, that assorted natives would have been kicked, robbed and beaten for the crime of shopping while 'looking like BNP members'.

I don't think Telegraph or BBC news readers are going to be joining Casuals United or whatever en masse (or at all) when they read the story. But a few more multicultural illusions get dented each time, support for the BNP inches up incrementally, and the feedback continues.

UPDATE - here's someone who was in the area at the time.

I asked several people (white and Asian) what was going on. The response was invariably, "the BNP are in town". It doesn't take much for a general response like that to take on more substance. And once the police get in the way, they become the enemy - protecting the invisible BNP. (Of course we have heard exactly the same story from the right about the police protecting the Muslims.) And both are right!

Fair do's though. In what native community would a bunch of rioters go home when the local vicar chalked them off ?

Eventually an iman, an elder, came and was able to calm things down.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Bonnie Bonnie Banks ...

Whenever I drive along the A82 out of or into Glasgow, I'm struck by the contrast between the 'schemes' of Dumbarton and the glorious scenery of Loch Lomond just up the road. Why don't the youth abandon the jellies and Buckie, get out into the dowie dens and get some healthy outdoor excercise ?

I see. They are.

Scotland's first national park is to ban camping in three beauty sports in a bid to eradicate violence and vandalism at drunken parties. The tough measures proposed by the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Authority (NPA) will herald an end to the right to virtually unfettered access to one of Scotland's most popular visitor destinations. Having pursued policies weighed in favour of conservation and education, the NPA now believes greater prevention and enforcement is necessary to meet its long-term goals of easing visitor pressure and "eliminate" the drunkenness, vandalism, criminal damage and assault plaguing the bonnie banks... "It's the type of camping that wasn't envisaged when the Scottish Outdoor Access Code came into being" said park ranger Graeme Archibald. "It was supposed to allow people to go out into the countryside and enjoy it, not turn up with alcohol and party all weekend."

Enforcement officials working on the ground in Loch Lomond told Scotland on Sunday that the current system of funding rangers and police officers to patrol the park's 720 square miles is "not sustainable" in the long term. Instead, they insist, officials need the "right tools in the toolbox", pointing to a catalogue of crime and anti-social behaviour over the summer season. It includes one incident where a fight between two groups in Sallochy Bay quickly escalated. As a result, a lit barbecue was thrown through the window of a car, destroying the vehicle. On some evenings, as many as 90 people can congregate at Sallochy, most of them under the influence of alcohol.
Hmm. And acccording to the comments, it's just as bad down at Loch Doon, not so far away from Auchinleck.