Thursday, July 19, 2012

We Are All Innocent

PC Simon Harwood cleared of the manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson.

"Neither jury heard details of Harwood's prior disciplinary record, which can only be reported now. This includes how he quit the Met on health grounds in 2001 shortly before a planned disciplinary hearing into claims he illegally tried to arrest a driver after a road rage incident while off duty, altering his notes to retrospectively justify the actions. Harwood was nonetheless able to join another force, Surrey, before returning to serve with the Met in 2005.

He allegedly punched, throttled, kneed or threatened other suspects while in uniform in other alleged incidents."

Eight men cleared of deliberately running over three Muslim men in Winson Green last summer. This report from Ghana on the trial is illuminating on the racial makeup of those charged and on who was in the death car.

I don't think people are going to be too chuffed about either of these verdicts. But the unchuffedness of the Guardianista is not like unto the unchuffedness of the ummah.

If Farzana and Iftikhar Ahmed are cleared of the murder of their daughter Shafilea we'll have the hat-trick.