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You are a nazi, and a weirdo, you claim liberals hate themselves, because we don't like burning black, people and gay people, well lets face it, most liberals, are members of some minority whether jewish gay, white celtic, ethnic minority, persecuted socialist (george galloway), athiest, methodist, or woman priest, they are m,ebers of groups persecuted by nazi vermin like you, and we will never forguive you scum

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Cheers. Glad you like the blog. How on earth did you guess I was a weirdo ? I thought I'd concealed it quite well.



Yet More Criminal "Justice"

Patrick Gorman was arrested for attempting to murder his ex. But you don't get remanded in custody for a little thing like attempted murder these days - the jails are needed for all those council tax pensioners and drink-drivers.

He was remanded on bail.

You'd never guess what he went and did next.

Christian Schoolgirls Decapitated

Another manifestation of the Religion of Peace ?

Three girls have been beheaded and another badly injured as they walked to a Christian school in Indonesia.

They were walking through a cocoa plantation near the city of Poso in central Sulawesi province when they were attacked.

This is an area that has a long history of religious violence between Muslims and Christians.

A government-brokered truce has only partially succeeded in reducing the number of incidents in recent years.

Police say the heads were found some distance from the bodies.

It is unclear what was behind the attack, but the girls attended a private Christian school and one of the heads was left outside a church leading to speculation that it might have had a religious motive.

Doubtless Rasputin will be condemning this attack in the strongest terms ...


Our Prime Minister went to a fee-paying private school. So did Education Secretary Ruth Kelly, who is in control of State education. So did the junior education minister (Lord Adonis). And the last Education secretary, Charles Clarke, went to public school. So did the Shadow Education spokeman David Cameron, who may well be the next Tory leader (Eton, no less). So did the Health minister.

Alice Thomson in the Telegraph describes how, as the supply of grammar school kids dries up, the public schools are regaining the asendancy they had in the early 20th century.

"Grammar school boys could hold their own, they knew they had earned their places on merit alone. In the 1950s, the grammar school system meant that there were more state school pupils at Oxford and Cambridge than there are now when the numbers are being manipulated.

But when Labour scrapped the grammar school, it turned the country back into a class-ridden society, where the children of the rich had a huge advantage. The comprehensives, if they had been properly streamed, might have worked, but instead they went for the lowest common denominator. No one was allowed to be challenged; no one could fail. Exam results were fudged and school discipline fell apart."

She's a bit kind to the Tories though. Which Education Secretary closed most grammar schools ? Thatcher ! Come to the front of the class !

Nor does she point out how many Tory county councils, like Worcestershire, destroyed their grammar schools in exchange for more central government funding. All praise to those like Buckinghamshire and Kent who stood firm.

I've just listened to the most depressing programme on BBC Radio, Any Questions, the place where the English middle classes weekly demonstrate their utter disconnection from their history and culture.

All four guests and the presenter went to public schools. At one stage Tim Yeo pointed out that he, Jonathan Dimbleby and Max Hastings all went to the same school (a little place called Marlborough). Tessa Jowell went here, Lib Dem (and merchant banker - what a giveaway) David Laws went here.

Ain't it great living in a classless society ?

600 Police On Lozells Streets

Blimey - it's like the good old days when there was a friendly riot van on every corner ...

Meanwhile in Gay Paree ...

A police trade union called for help from the army to support police officers.

"There's a civil war underway in Clichy-Sous-Bois at the moment," Michel Thooris, an official of police trade union Action Police CFTC, said .

"We can no longer withstand this situation on our own. My colleagues neither have the equipment nor the practical or theoretical training for street fighting," he said.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh. My. God.

AL Kennedy is writing a new novel.

You'll never guess what it's about.

"FRANKFURT, Germany (AFP) Friday October 21, 2005
Scottish author A.L. Kennedy said that she was writing a new novel set in World War II in part inspired by the war in Iraq , which she bitterly opposes.
"It's a historical novel set in World War II but it will reflect the other war. It would have been about Iraq even if it had nothing to with war," she told AFP at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Kennedy has regularly attacked the British government over joining the US-led invasion of Iraq."

I noticed her recent absence from the Guardian. What I want to know is this. Some of her fixations (blood for one) will fit into a novel set in WW2 - the Germans even used depleted uranium shells in the conflict. But how is she's going to get porn, Bush'n'Blair, Christians, reality TV, home shopping channels and the legendary plastic thanksgiving turkey into 1939-45 ?

I hope the whole novel is written in this style - could be a comedy classic.

UPDATE - the German WW2 uranium WASN'T depleted - it was a full-on U238/235 mix with much more radioactivity than depleted uranium. In 1943 tungsten (which they used for their armour-piercing solid shot) supplies from Portugal were stopped and Albert Speer turned over the German stockpile of 1200 tons of uranium ore to replace the tungsten. I suppose it's better than what they could have made from it.

My Sin Is Ever Before Me ...

It's Scott Burgess' Pledge Week.

The man who specialises in well-researched demolition of Guardian and Independent idiocy (current score - one reporter sacked, an executive resigned, another reporter hanging on by his fingernails) is appealing for the odd copper or widow's mite to stop his wife giving him grief. Aside from the Kashmir Earthquake, a more humanitarian cause one could not imagine.

Go. Give. Every little helps.

The Bitter Withy

Traditionally Christian parents believed that to spare the rod was to spoil the child.

Not in social-worker Britain. There can be no doubt that the Blessed Virgin would be facing very serious charges if this folksong bears any truth. Note the class warfare aspect - I bet this didn't get sung at the "big house" too often. More on the withy and Max Ernst here.

The 'Withy' is the willow tree, which indeed rots from the inside.

As it fell out on a high holiday
Sweet rain from heaven did fall,
Our Saviour asked his mother Mary mild
If he might play at ball.

"At ball, at ball, my own dear son
"It's time that you were gone
And don't let me hear of the games of youth
At night when you return."

So it's up the hill and down the hill
Our sweet young saviour ran,
And there he met three rich young lords,
Good morning to each one.

"Good morn," "Good morn," "Good morn," they said,
"Good morning," then said he,
And which of you three rich lord's sons
Will play at the ball with me?

Oh, we are lords and ladies sons
Born bower or in hall
And you are naught but a poor maid's child
Born in an asses stall.

Though you be lords and ladiess sons
Born in bower or in hall,
Yet I will show you at the last,
I'm an angel above you all.

So he built a him a bridge of the beams of the sun
And over the river ran he,
Three rich lords sons came after him
And drowned they were all three.

So it's up the hill and down the hill
Three rich young mothers did call,
Crying, "Mary mild, call home your child,
For ours he's drownded all."

So Mary mild fetched home her child,
And laid him across her knee,
And with a handful of bitter withy twigs
She gave him slashes three.

Oh bitter withy, oh bitter withy,
The bitter withy caused me to smart,
The withy shall be the very first tree
That perisheth at the heart.

Image - Max Ernst "The Blessed Virgin Chastises The Infant Jesus" via Dynamic Planet

A Pertinent Question ...

Asked by Sunny over at Pickled Politics - which I hereby add to the blogroll.

Community Sentencing A Failure

The Guardian :

The government's community punishment programme to tackle the most hardcore teenage criminals has a failure rate of 91%, it was revealed yesterday.

The Youth Justice Board, which runs the intensive supervision and surveillance programme, admitted yesterday that the reconviction rate was "very high".

Wait for it ...

But it insisted the £98m scheme was working because those who had been on it were committing fewer and less serious crimes.

Bwah-hah-hah-ha-ha ! That's a good one !

They should be locked up, and the keys ... er ... handed to them.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Rest Is Silence

Yesterday I quoted the Magna Mater on Lozells and the racist murder of Isiah Young-Sam.

"If this had been white on black violence, there would have been a media feeding frenzy and the newspapers would have been full of reconstructions, analysis and instant opinions and recriminations. Instead, there has been near silence".

Nowhere is this silence more marked than in the letters pages of the Guardian and Indie. There's not been one letter on the subject all week in either.

Indie columnist Johann Hari blames the riot on faith schools ... they probably caused this too.

Children's BBC gives these wonderfully vague accounts of the weekend's events. Nothing like having respect for your target audience.

Strangely they're not so cagey when discussing some issues - like Domestic Violence.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Capitalist Sauce Cartel Monopoly Shock Horror

Now this is serious.

The takeover of the firm which makes HP sauce by US food giant Heinz has been referred to UK competition authorities.
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) said the £470m ($855m) acquisition by Heinz of HP Foods could mean higher prices for brown sauce and tomato ketchup.

UK-based HP Foods, which also makes sauces under the Lea & Perrins, Daddies and Amoy names, was sold by French group Danone in June.

The takeover would make Heinz the leading seller of sauces in the UK.

Even before this there was trouble in brown sauce land. HP owns the two leading brands, HP and Daddies, and appears to be phasing out Daddies. In Tesco and Morrisons it's no longer obtainable in tbe highly sought-after 1 kilo plastic bottle - instead small 340g glass bottles line the shelves. Conversely, HP, once only available in the classic glass bottle, beloved of the late Harold Wilson and which gave a generation their first instruction in French, now comes in an assortment of plastic sizes.

With a monopoly of brown and tomato sauce brands, Heinz will seek to maximise profits by raising prices and rationalising the brands. About the tomato I care not a whit (Lidl's 39p a bottle stuff actually seems to be made of tomatoes and is not bad at all), but cheap brown sauce (as served in caffs from a greasy plastic bottle) is an abomination is the eyes of both God and Man.

Where to go ? Though I love most things Yorkshire, I never got on with Hammond's Chop Sauce - too sweet and fruity = pretty disgusting in fact. Way back in the early 80s you could still get Goodall and Backhouse's Yorkshire Relish, but I can't find it on the Web. The factory is probably now an art gallery. On which notional gallery I spit.

If anyone knows of any regional brown sauces please drop a mail. Perhaps in Wigan, somwhere between the Vimto factory and Uncle Joes Mint-Ball plant, lies a secret Lancastrian sauce known only to the pie-eaters of that region. I can but hope.

Spot The Difference

"Like every other race riot in Britain, this is the government’s fault." - BNP

"It’s the fault of the government, council and police." - Socialist Worker

Yazza and Dalrymple dig a little deeper.

UPDATE - Pickled Politics was (IMHO) the first blog to pick up on the alleged rape (some incendiary comments on this thread), and the Magna Mater Melanie tells it like it is.

"If this had been white on black violence, there would have been a media feeding frenzy and the newspapers would have been full of reconstructions, analysis and instant opinions and recriminations. Instead, there has been near silence. The reason is obvious. The cult of multiculturalism holds that all minorities are victims of the majority, and therefore minorities must always be blameless. When two minorities start beating each other up, therefore, politically correct Britain is paralysed. By definition, it cannot divide up the actors in the drama into good guys and bad guys. There can be no minority bad guys."

She's got it. It looks as if the murder of poor Isiah Young-Sam won't get the 24-hour news treatment.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Al Quaeda "More Moderate Than Respect" Shock

In passing, the release of Al Quaeda No.2 Al Zawahiri's letter to their top head-chopper in Iraq, al-Zarqawi, makes it likely that the Respect/SWP Coalition are now actually more extreme than Al Quaeda. The letter is long and chatty ("remember to wrap up well at night - a true mujahideen takes care against sciatica and the temperature drops quickly in the desert. God willing, Deep Heat is often a good remedy") but half way through suggests that killing large numbers of Muslims may not be the best way to establish the Caliphate.

"if the attacks on Shia leaders were necessary to put a stop to their plans, then why were there attacks on ordinary Shia? Won't this lead to reinforcing false ideas in their minds, even as it is incumbent on us to preach the call of Islam to them and explain and communicate to guide them to the truth? And can the mujahedeen kill all of the Shia in Iraq? Has any Islamic state in history ever tried that? And why kill ordinary Shia considering that they are forgiven because of their ignorance? And what loss will befall us if we did not attack the Shia ?"

"Among the things which the feelings of the Muslim populace who love and support you will never find palatable - also - are the scenes of slaughtering the hostages. You shouldn't be deceived by the praise of some of the zealous young men and their description of you as the shaykh of the slaughterers, etc. They do not express the general view of the admirer and the supporter of the resistance in Iraq, and of you in particular by the favor and blessing of God."

"I say to you: that we are in a battle, and that more than half of this battle is taking place in the battlefield of the media. And that we are in a media battle in a race for the hearts and minds of our Umma. And that however far our capabilities reach, they will never be equal to one thousandth of the capabilities of the kingdom of Satan that is waging war on us. And we can kill the captives by bullet."

Couldn't we swap Zawahiri for Seamus Milne and Galloway ? He seems a more moderate, liberal kind of chap.

Trouble is, they're trying to establish a caliphate while useful idiots like Seammus Milne are just reaching out to the key demographic of self-hating white liberals - people who don't realise they'd be first in the firing line whereas a straight, churchgoing dhimmi like me would probably survive quite well.

To quote the scandalously neglected Love In The Time Of Anthrax :

As she looked up, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, she saw a tall strangely familar man standing in front of her. He had a white turban, and long beard flecked with grey. His deep brown eyes looked into hers with a troubled expression. Could it be? Yes, it was, it was Osama himself.

"Osama, oh I am so happy to meet you at last. I've come here from England to apologise to you. You've probably heard about me from Samuel20 and Ashley on the Evening Standard, I just felt that I....' - her words were blocked by the stinging slap across her face. Osama towered above her. "Shut up infidel ! Why are you here ? You are a spy for the Americans are you not ?" he demanded. Sarapenelope's eyes filled with tears.

"Oh no, Osama, I hate the Americans, how could you say such a thing. Everything bad in the world is the fault of the Americans. Truly I am here to offer help and the love and support of the Guardian readers."

Osama's limpid brown eyes narrowed. "The Guardian ? What is this ?" he demanded. One his men spoke up, "Oh most holy one, I have heard of this 'Guardian' It is a newspaper in the West. They allow homosexuals and Jews to write in its pages. It promotes women and cultural diversity - it is a blasphemous rag Oh great leader".

Sarapenelope looked around in horror - these people seemed to have rather reactionary views.

"But Osama, everyone is equal - except the Americans - don't you think ?"

His reply was drowned out by the laughter from his men. What had she said that was funny ?

Mr Grumpy

Takes issue with Salma Yaqoob's 'blame capital for the Lozells riots' piece in the Grauniad.

"But come on, comrades, what about the Iraq connection? Why are you letting Blair off the hook? Is Respect going soft ?"

I like his tagline.

"One-time leftie Mr Grumpy has been noticing how young the policemen are these days, and how much crap there is in the Guardian"

Know how you feel, old boy.

Living Black History

60 years after they last saw combat, four of the 332nd Fighter Group, famed as the Tuskegee Airmen, the first black fighter unit in the USAAF, are flying to Iraq to meet their successors in the 332nd Expeditionary Air Wing.

The airmen, now in their 80s, said some family members urged them against going to Iraq, where nearly 2,000 American service members have died since the start of the war in March 2003.

But they said they felt the trip is important.

“They need to realize that we support them in what they’re trying to do, and this is one of the best ways that we can do this by going over there and showing them that,” said retired Lt. Col. Robert Ashby, 80, one of the original Tuskegee pilots.

Many of the Tuskegee Airmen faced discrimination and bigotry throughout their highly decorated military careers.

During World War II, the military launched a special program to train blacks to fly and maintain aircraft. At the time, many people thought that blacks weren’t smart or courageous enough to fly combat aircraft, and some Tuskegee Airmen said the program was actually started to prove that blacks could not.

The first group of black pilots graduated from training in 1942 at Tuskegee Air Field, Ala., and proved any doubters wrong. Between 1942 and 1946, 992 pilots graduated from the program. They never lost a single bomber due to enemy fire.

More at BlackAmericaWeb. And this excellent site has the amazing statistic that in 1939 there were only 125 black pilots in the whole of the US.

Opinionjournal has a neat quote.

"What's so inspiring about the Tuskegee Airmen is that they served their country, and had faith in it, at a time when the country had not yet earned it".

Tuskegee has another claim to fame - the birthplace of the late Rosa Parks.

See No Evil ....

From BBC News :

Det Supt Mirfield said it appeared the attackers had made attempts to disguise their appearance.

He said: "I don't want to speculate on what colour they may have been or the nature of their ethnicity.

"Isiah was walking along the road with his brother when he was attacked by these people. The motive for the attack is unclear."

UPDATE - who else but the Pub Philosopher joins the dots.

Estates Then And Now

When I lived in Bradford I sometimes used to gatecrash the student tours of the town led by the late social historian Jack Reynolds. He knew everything about the history of Bradford, and how it was reflected in the city's architecture. It was a pleasure to hear him.

One of the points he touched on was how the design of mill buildings changed with the advent of the Luddites and machine-wreckers of the early nineteenth century. Barkerend Mill, he pointed out, was built with high walls and a gateway like a fortress. It was designed to be defensible.

I thought about that while visiting a friend on the weekend. She lives on a 1960s estate. The main road through the estate has houses on both sides, all facing the road and with no walls or fences betwen them and the pavement. So were all houses built from earliest times up to very recently. It was the most convenient situation - facing the road - and there was no reason not to build that way.

Drive round a modern estate - say one built in the last ten or fifteen years. The design will be - one or two (usually one) main roads through, with cul-de-sacs off on either side. Smaller cul-de-sacs come off these. No houses face the road - instead high fences or walls hide the backs of the houses, each one of which now faces onto its own small cul-de-sac.

These too are built to be defensible. Not against mobs bearing hammers, but against groups of youths congregating outside one's house (in a particularly grim 60s estate in Gloucester I recently saw about 30 youths sitting in someone's front garden). They are built to encourage only the people who live on a street to be there. The roads and pavements of these cul-de-sacs are quasi-private places, gated communities without gates.

Meanwhile the few remaining public spaces on such an estate - the square of park, the small green with its chippy, shop and launderette, become the danger zones - the places of graffiti, broken glass, wire mesh on the "offy" window.

A location near a public park was for most of the twentieth century a selling point for an estate agent. Now it's a drawback. It would be interesting to know at what point this change - and the change in estate design - occurred. I reckon the late 80s/early 90s won't be too far out.

Monday, October 24, 2005

It's Sick-Bag Time ...

And next time I hear someone say:- "He'll come out of prison one day - it's us that are serving a life sentence", I shall throw up. - The Magistrate's Blog.

"This is not what we would call justice. Our life sentence has no tariff. My family, friends, colleagues and myself will never be free of this grief for as long as we live." - more 'emotional claptrap' from ambulance driver Mike Ford, who responded to an emergency call to find his daughter and granddaughter beaten to death.

Birmingham - Press Reports

Times, Guardian, Indie, Telegraph, Times again. I won't bother with the BBC, who don't seem capable of looking the story in the eye.

I hear a lot about 'hate sites' and 'hate speech'. I wonder what kind of police reaction there'd be to a site where native Brits came out with stuff like :

Posted: Tuesday October 18th, 2005 18:01

I have just passed through that hair and beauty shop in perry barr.There are loads of black people protesting there.

Posted: Tuesday October 18th, 2005 18:02

Protesting??? Someone needs to find a can of petrol and some matches

Posted: Tuesday October 18th, 2005 18:06

Im going to the committe meeting.

About time we stood up to them flat-batty-harking-and-spitting-indians.

You get what you deserve - we should boycott their businesses from NOW

They feed off us like were a carcass. Unite!

Wheres marcusgarveylives when you need him eh.

UPDATE - the above posts are on a site called Blackchat - and they've been moderated ! I've only looked at the first page but by the comments one of the (thankfully) censored posts called for throats to be slit. You'd have to go to stormfront or similar to find such vile idiocy from a native.

Interestingly, on November 5th another ethnically-based group is calling a protest in Yorkshire, following allegations of sexual assault and paedophile grroming by members of another community. I wait with interest to see if, as happened for the Lozells meeting, senior local police and the local MP turn up. On second thoughts, senior police probably will turn up - to arrest the protesters.

Meanwhile ...

UPDATE2 - Brum is also having trouble with vampires. Impressive rumour mill ...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cheeky Chappy

I've mentioned Birmingham's Liberal Democrat leader John Hemming before, in connection with his struggle against the Labour Party's institutionalised vote frauds in the city.

John Hemming won inner-city Yardley from Labour in the 2005 election, thanks to the anti-war votes of his many Muslim constituents and a campaign which could have been designed by Al Quaeda - or Respect.

He obviously finds a bit of spare time, though. Either that or he's emulating his constituents and taking an extra "wife". The magnificent headline "MP's mistress gives birth to baby girl" which calls a spade the proverbial shovel is only matched by Mr Hemming's brass neck.

Mr Hemming said his wife Christine had shown her support and was "there if Emily needs any help".

That man's got more front than Birmingham Town Hall.

Freedom Is Slavery

"You have to treat people differently to treat them equally" - Lee Jasper, race adviser to Ken Livingstone, quoted in Kenan Malik's fascinating Prospect essay, Born In Bradford. (via Harry)

And talking of Lee Jasper, one of the studio guests on Radio Five last night said that the protests againt the alleged sexual assault had been organised by one young activist. Impressive stuff for an unknown young man - pity about the dead and injured. Publicity for the protests had been provided by pirate radio stations.

Lee Jasper (whom I first heard of on Radio Five years ago, describing himself as a social worker from Bradford) was once such a young firebrand - it didn't take a lot to turn him into the sort of good egg who's down the police station, pleading with the youth to stay calm. How does the old song go, to the tune of the Red Flag ?

The working class
Can kiss my ****
I've got the foreman's job at last

Birmigham Riots Update

At 11.05 pm last night Radio Five featured caller 'Aki' who said that he was on the streets with other Asian youth to protect the area.'We're scared', he said, 'They're attacking our property - they're attacking our shops'.
Back to the studio, where the host, a PC Ulsterman called Steve, didn't like the tone of Aki's call. 'I suppose there's a danger of getting into a blame game here ... different communities fighting each other' said he, and the others, including the area's Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, agreed that 'we can't let people divide us' and that the "communities" should unite against ... ~ I didn't actually hear the phrase 'the real enemy', but it hovered in the studio.

Of course the 'real enemy', except for the poorest (who are usually the oldest and most vulnerable) have long left the area. I can recall when Albion fans would gather outside the Hawthorns at eleven on the day of a match at Villa Park, then walk, thousands strong, down the Soho Road then left through Lozells to the Villa ground. You'd have to really want a rumble to attempt that now - a couple of thousand white youths would look like an invading army. And you could travel on from Villa Park in a great loop through Bordesley Green to Sparkbrook without ever seeing more than a few natives on the streets.

Today's papers seem as confused as the rumours last night. The Observer states baldly that the clashes were "between Asian and black youths", and that the girl was allegedly raped by three men. Nineteen men, says the Sunday Times, which also reports that "it is understood a gang of up to 30 Asian youths began throwing stones at some of the 300 people attending the meeting in a church". Several of the studio guests and callers on Radio Five had attended the meeting, and none spoke of being attacked as they left. The man who was stabbed to death was burned to death in the Independent's account, which also names the Perry Barr store where the alleged attack occurred.

You'll notice the complete absence of the word 'racist' in the reports. Because only one ethnic group can be racist.

The injured were taken to City Road Hospital, lately home to the great Dalrymple.

And the updated BBC report has a small panel describing the "History Of Tension" in the area - a history going all the way back to 1985. It mentions a 2002 machete attack on a female Asian shopkeeper, as cowardly an outrage against a fine class of women as one could imagine, but has this to say about the Handsworth riots.

"The area also saw the September 1985 Handsworth riots, triggered by the arrest of a black man after a police stop and search".

I told you the three members of an Asian family burned to death in their post office had been completely forgotten. I can't even find their names on the Web.