Saturday, December 13, 2003

An Eye For An Eye ...

Though I believe that justice should have an element of retribution, I'm not sure about this ....

UPDATE 29/12/2003 - Barbara Amiel is less squeamish ...

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Don't Mention the C-word

The mighty Littlejohn on Tessa Jowell's new PC 'Seasonal' card, with its mosques, Hindu dancers and total absence of baby in manger.

"She certainly doesn’t give a stuff about offending devout Christians by sending them Muslim and Hindu symbols on a card to mark a holiday celebrating the birth of Christ.

You don’t have to be a born-again Godbotherer to find that “inappropriate.”

Would she send out an Eid card with a cross on the front and “Seasons Greetings” inside?

No, she’d probably turn up at her local mosque in a burka as a mark of respect, just as the Wicked Witch gets herself togged up like Mrs Gandhi whenever Blair goes rattling the collection tin around the wealthy Asian business community."

Even in India they're raising eyebrows - New Kerala News asks "Can you send a Christmas greeting card without mentioning the word 'Christmas'? In these politically correct times in Britain, this is possible.

Cards sent by the department of culture feature Hindu dancers, drawings of mosques and the word 'Goal' but there is no sign whatsoever of Jesus, Mary or even Santa Claus."

Monday, December 08, 2003

Left Wing Anti-Semitism II

Well, we've had the child-eating Jew courtesy of the Independent, the Jesus-killing Jew from the Episcopalians of Edinburgh - now may I present the Jew as Satan, courtesy of the American 'anti-war' movement.

Reported by Frontpage.

The cloven feet are hidden, but the horns are well in view. We really are revisiting those mediaeval glories. How long before we hear about poisoning the water ? And where are the flagellants ?