Friday, March 11, 2005

OK Come In

Via Lib Dem blogger Liberal England.

"All girls are soppy.

This fact is recognised by all boys and the message is clear but seme to become dimmer as they draw on to man's estate chiz.Eventually it fade altogether and all is lost in a welter of SOP and SLUSH, like you get in the films they dare not show us at Skool.

'How beautiful,' sa your mum to your pater. 'If only you could be noble like that ocasionaly.'

'It is only a world of makebelieve,' he repli. 'You must face up to reality.'

'Reality,' sa molesworth 2, 'is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder.'

He take a bullseye and pater lite his pipe. The matter is closed."

St Custard's Online !

Scotsmen ! Welshmen !

The Land O'Cakes and the Land of My Absent Fathers needs you !!

Tickets are still available for Murrayfield on Sunday.

This fact doesn't quite fit with yesterday's Times, by the wonderfully named Owen Slot.

"... the number of supporters following the team to Edinburgh is astonishing. Tourist organisations are estimating a migration of some 40,000, many without tickets. Murrayfield’s struggles to sell out will be solved by vast seas of red."

Scotland had 47,000 for the Italy game, 20,000 short of capacity. Unless the Scottish performance was so dire that they're staying at home, those "40,000 Welshmen, many without tickets" actually consist of 15,000 going to the game and 25,000 (the 'many without tickets') watching at home or in the pub.

From The Curate's Garden

First an apology - I have a number of new blogs linking to me, and I haven't yet reciprocated nor given their blogs a quick one-line review, as is my wont. I'll get there in time. But welcome to the Spinster and Anthony Cox, both back in full effect.

The battle for liberty continues - all those calling for an elected Lords should ponder that without them, we would already be liable to be locked up on the word of a Government minister. Anyone who thinks this would stop with Islamist terror suspects hasn't thought too much about the future.

There is a case for such detention in exceptional circumstances, such as Ulster in the early 70s. We're not in that situation.

The proposal to drop habeas corpus is one of the unintended side-effects of mass immigration. In 1939-45 it was suspended for domestic fascists and UK-domiciled Germans (most of whom were, of course, refugees fleeing Hitler). German Intelligence, throughout the war, had remarkably little information on what was happening in the UK.

The War on Terror is different in lots of ways. One way is that there are far more potential fifth-columnists - in the form of several million Muslims. Note the word is 'potential' - this is not some blanket accusation. But the Guardian and BBC have devoted many column inches and much airtime to the notion that the war is a 'War on Islam'. Were I living in a land where the media daily critised the Government for their 'War on Christians' it might make me think too.

Britain is now an open country, in immigration terms the equivalent of the drunk girl on the sofa as the party ends, being eyed up by a couple of dodgy lads. I can see why the Government are worried about a terrorist strike. But these people are British too. They are entitled to the same liberty as Englishmen have enjoyed for centuries. Better to take the risk than surrender liberty.

Churchill has a neat quote in his History of the English Speaking Peoples. James VI of Scotland has accepted the English throne after Elizabeth's death.

"So ignorant", says Trevelyan, "was James of England and her laws that at Newark, he ordered a cut-purse caught in the act to be hanged without a trial at a word from his royal mouth." The execution did not take place.

Without a trial. Sums it up. Don't let it happen. How ironic that the Patricia Hewitts of this world should be the ones to destroy freedom. What did C.S. Lewis say again ?

The barbarians come, Lewis told us, not over the parapet, not carrying their clubs and wielding their weapons, but they come with polished fingernails and blue pin-striped suits, gathering in well-lighted conference rooms. They are the good people who say that they know how to make life better for all of us.

Mind The Gap, Democratic Deficit

Like many another blogger, I've been asked to give a shout to Mind The Gap and their London blog, which I wilingly do. The gap between politicians and the people is a mile wide, as both left and right recognise, the difference between the responses being that the idiot left's response is 'whatever you did before that didn't work, do more of it'. See Helena Kennedy for details.

The website is a rather snazzy production, with animated graphics, scrolling messages etc. One to watch.

As you can see from this site, I prefer content to form, and so also highly recommend the Democratic Deficit site. No idea who's behind it, but loads of content, and the recommendations are pretty straightforward.

Where To Next: A Democratic Manifesto


People are happiest when they have maximum control over their own lives.

You and your family are the best people to decide how your money should be spent.

1. The public services should (a) be controlled locally, and (b) by direct democracy.

2. Recall, on the Californian model should be introduced.

3. There should be an audit of this country's membership of the European Union, with special reference to its inbuilt democratic deficits. The new constitution - a politically correct manifesto of gigantic proportions - does at least have the merit of allowing countries to withdraw from membership.

Couldn't agree more. For example, there should be a direct connection between council voting and council tax - no central funding of any kind should be allowed.

If central government wants something doing, it should either

a) fund and manage it itself OR
b) make it a legal obligation on the local authority, and allow council taxes to rise accordingly

That way you can see what you're paying for. It would also have the effect of either causing massive council tax levels in certain authorities, stopping the huge underclass subsidies currently administered by said authorities, or causing central government to come out from behind the skirts of the authorities and administer/spend directly. The Guardian would be apoplectic, but that's a fringe benefit.

Can't understand why the Tories don't suggest something like this.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Extreme Tracking ...

Really is a little flaky around the edges. The service seems to go up and down like a navvy's pick.

A small example.

Last week my usual weekday traffic of around 280-odd lost souls (you know who you are) took a drop on Wednesday to 200 (link only valid for a week or so).

It took another hit on Saturday night and Sunday. Sunday eve I'd only had 90 visitors - and thirty of those had been in the previous hour.

Maybe I was posting rubbish those days.

But the funny thing is that (allowing for his marginally larger readership) exactly the same thing happened to Andrew Sullivan.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Trevor Phillips and Education

What Trev had to say about segregation wasn't really so important, though it's entertaining to see the Guardian supporting 'separate development'. Isn't there an Afrikaans word that means the same thing ?

As I blogged a while back, there are five main strands of opinion on the reasons for the dreadful academic performance of black boys in the UK.

They are :

Racist teachers

Institutional Racism

Black Street Culture

Black Pupils need Black Teachers (the Apartheid Approach)

Don't Ask Me, Mate

The first two boil down to 'it's Whitey's fault', and are still the main approach of white liberals - for reasons which will become clear.

The third is favoured by people like the great Tony Sewell, John McWhorter, and Joseph Harker of the Guardian. Any white person expressing such ideas is obviously a buttoned up racist, ill at ease with the realities of multicultural Britain and its vibrant black youth culture.

The fourth is seemingly now the view of Trevor Phillips, the Guardian and the BNP.

Trevor has moved from the 'Dunno, mate' school, of which he was still a member in July 2004, at the conference on 'London Schools and the Black Child'.

We could offer more support to schools with large numbers of African and Afro-Caribbean pupils," he says. "But why should we discriminate against Indian pupils who may be just as economically disadvantaged, but somehow have overcome that disadvantage, or white boys, increasingly among the lowest achievers and often among the poorest?"

Why indeed ?

But a closer reading of Trev's words moves him nearer to the Tony Sewell camp.

"Mr Phillips also called for tougher action on black fathers who do not take parenting responsibilities seriously"

"In order to tackle the lack of sufficient black male role models, he also suggested that the Government pay incentives to encourage more black men to join the teaching profession"

We're slowly moving somewhere. Trevor Phillips is right about the shortage of black male role models. He hasn't quite grasped that the missing role model is called a father.

As Joseph Harker said "At the top of the list must surely be the breakdown of the black family: 50% of Caribbean mothers under 35 have never been married - five times the white figure - and the number is increasing."

I remember a couple of years back a friend of Stephen Lawrence's describing how Stephen was different - in that both his mother and his father would turn up to parents evening.

It's difficult for a white liberal, who believes that the family is mum, the kids, and whoever she's currently shacked up with, to look at the community with the highest number of fatherless children, the highest level of criminal behaviour, and the lowest level of educational attainment, and put two and two together. It would mean a re-evaluation of some of their most cherished beliefs about the oppressive nature of the traditional, patriarchal family. Certainly for boys there is only one thing worse than being in a traditional family, and that's not being in one.

Nah - raises too many questions. Let's just stick to white racism, shall we ?

The other day I quoted Robert Whelan on the underclass :

We have created the classic conditions for the emergence of a warrior class: separation of economic activity from family maintenance; children reared apart from fathers; wealth subject to predation; and male status determined by combat and sexual conquest.

This is not only the view of a detatched commentator - it's how some black people see themselves (and of course it's not confined to the black community - there are just fewer guns in Shildon or the Rhondda). And let's face it, it's cooler to be a latter-day Beowulf than a burger-flipper. In the short term.

This is the story of a warrior and now you know It
True warriors go ahead make some noise
It aint healthy to be makin n****s paranoid
Hit your corner wit my weapon I dont need my boys
Im doin 120 in the fast lane
Kick back just relax let me do my thing
Dont give a f***k about you suckas gotta maintain
Money power and respect in this rap game

I can give you n****s somethin you can talk about
I can turn your smile upside down
You aint no G u a f****n clown
I can take your girl and t-t-turn her out
dont hold it in let it all out
I can give you f*****s something
to be mad about
invite her in send her back out
With my DNA all in her mouth

Popular romantic lyrics seem to have changed a bit. I'd love to hear Nate Dogg's version of the Victorian smash 'Come into The Garden Maud'.

The baby-father is only one aspect of the prevailing black culture, defined as the villain by McWhorter, Sewell and Harker. But the liberals sure don't help.

In McWhorter's words "it’s time for well-intentioned whites to stop pardoning as “understandable” the worst of human nature whenever black people exhibit it. The person one pities is a person one may like but does not truly respect"

Apologies ...

For light posting - especially when there's so much to post about - from Trevor Phillips (read John McWhorter for background), an English Parliament (Third Avenue has a good post - link in sidebar), astrakhan furs and abortion, Kosovo. Plus new links. When I get home.

As the older generation (the racist, sexist, homophobic churchgoing generation) pass away, and the sixties acid-head or the seventies speed-freak hit pensionable age, look out for the geriatric prison, full of people like this.

One more - I just have time to link to this fabulous post - The Pooter of Geek on the little known country of Fiskistan.

Underclass - You Get What You Pay For

From birth :

"She was last seen by officials four days before she died of severe blood poisoning caused by a dirty nappy in March 2003.

A friend of Pickering said: 'She's still on smack. She's using two tenner bags a day.

'When she told me she was expecting twins I couldn't believe it.

'I knew her baby had died but she didn't say anything about neglect.'

Two of 27-year-old Pickering's other children are looked after by her parents while another was adopted."

Once again social workers have done a great job.

"Social workers and health officials visited Alex 28 times in 11 weeks.

The baby was on the child protection register from birth."

"South Lanarkshire Council social work chiefs and health officials say they have already conducted an internal review which clears them of blame over Alex's death."

Mary Pickering obviously don't need no piece of paper from the City Hall.

Pickering lives with her latest partner at a council flat in Rutherglen, near Glasgow. Pickering was living in Larkhall with her then partner at the time of Alex's death.

Till (someone else's) death.

"A burglar who beat up a terminally ill pensioner has been jailed for life.
Cancer sufferer Mary Richardson, 81, died without ever leaving hospital after being battered by Barry Alderson in her home in North Tyneside.

The 24-year-old heroin addict admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and burglary last July.

A post-mortem examination showed how his victim died of pneumonia three months after the break-in.

The court also heard how the pensioner who was only 4ft 11in and weighed just six stone, suffered severe head injuries including a fractured skull and broken nose in the attack."

Don't worry though - the courts will protect you. Look at that life sentence.

Alderson, of Felton Close, Shiremoor, will serve at least three years and nine months before he can apply for parole, Newcastle Crown Court heard.
Three years and nine months. He'll be 27 or 28. That'll teach him.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Half-Term Treats

We don't watch daytime TV in our Victorian-themed household, so I missed the BBC's four day spectacular Streets of Vice, so well timed to catch the half term crowd.

Andrew Bowman has the details at Biased BBC.


What happened to the Scots sold into slavery in Barbados ?

Listen to the documentary on Radio Scotland.

Happy Lone Mothers Day

I know of no single instance in anthropological literature of a community where illegitimate children, that is children of unmarried girls, would enjoy the same social treatment and have the same social status as legitimate ones. The universal postulate of legitimacy has a great sociological significance ... It means that in all human societies moral tradition and the law decree that the group consisting of a woman and her offspring is not a socially complete unit. The ruling of culture runs here ... it declares that the human family must consist of a male as well as a female.

Bronislaw Malinowski, Sex and Repression in Savage Society, 1927.

The only real family is the mother and her baby. Everyone else is peripheral.

Claire Rayner, The Jewish Chronicle, 17 June 1994.

We have created the classic conditions for the emergence of a warrior class: separation of economic activity from family maintenance; children reared apart from fathers; wealth subject to predation; and male status determined by combat and sexual conquest.

Robert Whelan in the foreword to "Farewell to the Family - Public Policy and Family Breakdown in Britain and the USA" by Patricia Morgan, IEA Health and Welfare Unit 1999.