Friday, June 16, 2006

And Another One ...

January 2005 - jailed for "fifteen months" for assault and threats to kill.

June 2005 - released on licence after a whole five months.

October 2005 - beat Jody Dobrowski to death.

The BBC have the story as main news item, playing the 'homophobia' angle for all it's worth (approx £0.41p), full of righteous indignation. Looks like some victims are worth more than others. Would that all murderers got 28 years minimum.

"It is understood to be the first time that a judge has been able to use an anti-gay motive as an aggravating feature to help decide the sentence." We already have higher sentences for 'racist attacks', now a larger tariff for 'homophobes' - not really the correct word, Mr Dobrowski's killers didn't seem afraid of him. Soon there will be higher sentences for 'sexist attacks', and we shall have reached the nirvana where all are valued equally, regardless of race, gender or sexuality - except white men.

Yet perhaps the BBC are forgetting that for a large number of Londoners, death is the appropriate sentence for homosexuality.

Mick Hartley on the latest interview with the Mayor of London's best mate Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi.

Interviewer: How should a homosexual or a lesbian be punished? We mentioned the story of the people of Sodom and how Allah punished them, but how should someone who commits this abomination be punished today?

Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: The same punishment as any sexual pervert - the same as the fornicator. [...]

The schools of thought disagree about the punishment. Some say they should be punished like fornicators, and then we distinguish between married and unmarried men, and between married and unmarried women. Some say both should be punished the same way. Some say we should throw them from a high place, like God did with the people of Sodom. Some say we should burn them, and so on. There is disagreement. [...]

The important thing is to treat this act as a crime.

Burn them, or chuck them off a high building ? Details, details.

UPDATE - more Home Office/CJS incompetence.

"An illegal immigrant on the run after raping a teenager may have been freed because of bureaucratic delays. Souny Mustafa, 31, was given a five-year sentence in his absence for the attack on an 18-year-old woman in Derby in April 2005.

He was released on bail as his custody time limit had elapsed before the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) could finish putting together its case. He was supposed to remain in Doncaster but has not been seen for months. "


Dave said...

And another: Failed Asylum Seeker guilty of six rapes.

Anonymous said...

Is not having different sentences for 'hate' crimes' disriminating against non hate crimes. Somebody who is murdered is just as dead regardless of the motive of the killer, all murders should be treated the same, after all we only want equality don't we?

mamapajamas said...

Marcusa, the real purpose of having the different classes of "murder" is because, for instance, a mother may kill someone who has threatened her child, although no action was taken by the culprit. If she had good reason to believe the culprit might have harmed her child if left alone, she had good reason, IMHO, to kill him.

However, these types of distinctions seem to have fallen by the wayside in today's PC world.

IMHO, ALL violent crimes that have no extenuating circumstances (like self-defense or defense of someone else) are hateful. And when extenuating circumstances DO exist, they need to be weighed very carefully. The man who murders a pensioner in cold blood for his pension check is just as hateful as someone who murders a minority person, IMHO. "Hate crime" is Orwellian claptrap that seeks to punish thought. It literally IS "thought crime".

Anonymous said...

For the first time in your life, you'll probably agree with Steve Taylor when it comes to the Dobrowski case.