Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Art of Football

On Boxing Day, being in Sarf London, we took a trip down to Kingsmeadow to see the reborn Dons, AFC Wimbledon, beat Hayes and Yeading 5-0. Although a Baggies fan, I'd watched the Dons in their 80s glory days at the Lane and got soaked at Huddersfield on that radiation-rainy day when they made the top flight.

At the end of this video of the game, the camera shows this flag at the Tempest End.

Intrigued, I googled the phrase and found this. It appears that enigmatic artist-in-residence Fleydon premieres all his new works at Kingsmeadow.

Inspired by sources from the great masters :

Via the socialist realism of Soviet Russia :

Through iconic images of the 40s :

To cutting-edge modern imagery - all sorts, in fact.

(and it's £2 for kids and £6 for students at Kingsmeadow. A whacking tray of chips is £1.50 and the tea is made with real teabags. What more could one want from a footy club?)

Poverty Causes Crime Part 372

This from Booker Rising.

Crittenton allegedly became angry at Arenas for refusing to make good on a gambling debt. That prompted Arenas to draw on Crittenton, who then also grabbed for a gun. Arenas denies pulling a gun on Crittenton.

Players’ union executive director Billy Hunter called the matter “unprecedented in the history of sports.” “I’ve never heard of players pulling guns on each other in a locker room,” he said.

According to this site Arenas earns $16m pa. Poor Crittenton only earns $1.5m. Maybe it's income inequality that's to blame !

Police Shoot Intruder At Home of Danish Cartoonist

The Telegraph say the intruder was a Somali and he had an axe. The BBC say he was 'a man' and had a hammer (whether he intended to bring about love between the brothers and the sisters all over this land - or any other land - is unclear).

But what seems indisputable is that the intruder in the home of Kurt Westergaard was shot. May a similar fate attend all who disturb his domestic peace !

UPDATE - the BBC have updated their story,which was breaking news at midnight last night. One or two commenters have pointed out that "in the wake of the Nigerian with the incendiary underpants, al-Beeb appears to be adhering less rigourously to the MONA rule.". If I understand him correctly, the Dumb One posits that the Nigerian-ness of the underpants man is being emphasised in order to de-emphasise his religion.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Friday Night Music - Italian Style

If you wait long enough, everything arrives on Youtube. While this probably sounded better after a couple of carafes of bianco secco, I'm still quite taken with the sub-Phil Collins style. From a 1981 (stuff like Say Hello, Wave Goodbye was in the charts) ski holiday in Sauzi D'Oulx, this was rarely off the jukebox. I believe the title approximates to 'I Don't Want Wings'.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NWOBJ again

I've noted before the technical incompetence of the New Wave Of British JihadLaban Tall 2007).

The New Wave Of British Jihad is IMHO very poor quality compared with its illustrious predecessors. If the "Fantastic Four" were alive today they'd be turning in their graves.

I'd been wondering for a long time why science education was being dumbed down so much, to seeming government indifference.

The fact that these guys can't put anything that makes a bang together is a tribute to our education system. I understand now that Blair and Brown have been playing the long game - ensuring that anyone who hates them won't have the skills to do anything about it.

If those guys had gone to a decent privately run educational establishment - say a madrassa in Waziristan - they'd have been far more successful in their chosen career.
Now we see an engineering graduate of University College London who can't detonate military grade explosive. As Ross puts it :

The fact that an engineering alumnus from one of Britain's most prestigious universities can't even detonate an explosive is a damning indictment of our education system. It was one thing when an ex con retard like Richard Reid couldn't light up his shoes but this is absurd.

No wonder employers are increasingly critical of the quality of UK graduates.