Friday, August 29, 2003

Campbell Quits

And the far left celebrates !

"Those ... who had been so insane as to rejoice over that defeat were like children who thoughtlessly delight in being ill, because it means they may not have to do something unpleasant or eat something they dislike today, without realising that the disease may cripple them for life." - Solzhenitzyn, August 1914.

The beginning of the end for Blair and this Labour government.

Matthew Turner strangely blames his 'non-existent commitment to democracy' to the environment in which he worked - the 'Tory tabloid press'. Funny - pre-Blair he was the industrial correspondent for the Daily Mirror.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Wilfred Thesiger

Born Addis Ababa, 1910. Died Coulsdon, Surrey, 2003.

Wilfred Thesiger

BBC Obituary. 2002 Spectator Interview. Telegraph tribute.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Discipline in British Education

I can't work out if this response by a teacher to a student with a samurai sword is pathetic or noble ... or both.

Describing the brutal gang battle, which happened on 19 November last year, Ms Brown told the jury: "Three or four Afro- Caribbean youths were being chased. They were absolutely fearful and tired and panting. Not one was carrying a weapon.

"The Asians I recognised - I had seen them a number of times around the campus. I saw one was hitting a youth with a wooden cosh. Another was in the vicinity, egging him on with shouts. He was the leader of the group, but without delivering the hits.

"I saw Amar Kayani waving a samurai sword. He was screaming obscenities as he came towards me.

"I said to him 'That's it Kayani, you're excluded.'

Anti-US Bile in the guise of 'Science' .....

Written in July 2002, after an Independent article by a so-called 'Science Correspondent'.

The Independent and its columnists often rail against the practitioners of ‘hate speech’ - usually meaning those who make any negative remarks about ethnic minorities or homosexuals. Yet the Indie, a significant minority of its columnists and a large proportion of its shrinking readership are happy to incite hatred of one particular national group - Americans. From columnists such as Robert Fisk and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, through the letters page and the bulletin board postings, anti-US vitriol has been dripping ever since those long-ago days when the Indie stopped being a serious newspaper and repositioned itself in that fertile readership territory between the Guardian and Socialist Worker. (You certainly couldn’t call the Indie a socialist paper though - nationalisation is seen more as a way of upsetting capitalists than of building a New Jerusalem, and the political attitudes have more in common with Kevin the Teenager than Karl Marx.)

If only I’d been given a fiver for every time the word ‘redneck’ or ‘cowboy’ has been used in a debate about US policy !

A paper which seems to be terribly against the stereotyping of its favoured sub-groups is happy to caricature a nation which is far more free and democratic than we are, where ethnic minorities rise to high office without the aid of quotas, and whose economy is the envy of the world, as a nation of brain-dead ‘good old boys’, forever driving their gas-guzzling autos, six-pack wedged on the shotgun rack, down an endless highway, through a landscape littered with burning crosses and lynch-mob victims, past prisons full of innocent death-row inmates (all of whom have low mental ages and blood-sugar disorders), and churches packed with hypocritical scoundrels just itching to chain women back to the sink and shoot an abortionist or three.

This tendency seems to have spread to their science ‘correspondent’, one Charles Arthur. Thursday’s Indie features a headline which ‘were it true, would indeed be sad’, to quote William McGonagall.


The first three paragraphs are, if you like, the point of the article - the reader can know all he needs to know from them

Para 1 - ‘to those who live there, it is as if the rich have stolen the rain. For more than 30 years, the Sahel region of Africa has suffered the longest sustained droughts in the world’. So we know who to blame - ‘the rich’. I can just hear them now in Mali - ‘the rich have stolen the rain !’

Para 2 - crops are failing (between 1972 and 1975, and 1984 and 1985) and a million people have starved to death. You haven’t forgotten who to blame, have you now ?

Para 3 - George Bush doesn’t like the idea that the developed world might be to blame. At last - evil has a face and a name !

Pity that if rumour is correct, in 1975 he was dancing naked on Mexican bar tables, off his head on coke, as many of us might have been tempted to do had we millionaire fathers. And in 1985 he was in front of a telly watching Live Aid - as most of us did.

And the headline - how does Charles Arthur know that either the drought in Southern Africa (which will create interesting dilemmas as we’re asked to send money to Zimbabwe) or the previous droughts of 72-75 and 84-85 are ‘the world’s worst’ ?

I’d have thought the ongoing situation in the Sahara, Gobi or Atacama deserts (where in some areas it rains every 300 years or so) might potentially be worse. The dry valleys of Antarctica don’t get much rain or snow either. This ‘world’s worst’ tag has just been invented to highlight the evil being wrought by the US.

You have to read further to find out that

a) two people have created a computer model which suggests that sulphur dioxide emissions are moving the sub-Saharan rain belt south, and that this effect caused the famines in Ethiopia and Mali which some of us will remember. Of course there have been many computer models of climate created by scientists - all of which have so far proved hopeless when it comes to predicting the future.

b) ‘Researchers have little doubt that the two are connected’ says the article.

But the only scientist they quote says he is "cautious" about taking the interpretation of the link between aerosols in the northern hemisphere and the weather in the Sahel as gospel.

c) “According to the researchers themselves, droughts have become less severe over the last few years”.

But Mr. Arthur, advancing no evidence, then says that the current food crisis in, not Sub-Saharan, but SOUTHERN Africa is caused by the effect ! So apparently the Saharan rain-belt has moved south of Zimbabwe ! I suppose en-route it caused the floods in Mozambique a year or two back. Stand by for Cape Town to be washed away.

d) The researchers actually blame pollution from power stations and factories in Europe and America.

So the headline should also castigate Europeans - like Indie readers. And presumably Mrs. Thatcher, who closed so many sulphur-dioxide producing coal-fired stations (quoting environmental reasons - no, I didn’t believe her either) and shut down so much of British industry, must be hailed as a far-sighted environmental heroine. Perhaps the headline could have read “Thatcher Was Right, Say Climate Researchers”. But that wouldn’t have fitted the story the Indie wanted to tell. Easier to blame the Toxic Texan.

The whole article is a remarkable mix of anti-US bile and bad science. Of course, the Saharan rain-belt has moved south before with no help from the US. Thousands of years ago the desert bloomed - it wasn’t always a sandy waste.

Perhaps next week Charles Arthur will show how George Bush’s distant forebears, on the first stage of the long voyage from the Kenyan Rift Valley, cradle of mankind, to Midland, Texas, chopped down every tree in the Sahara to make a fleet of ocean-going rafts !

The same Indie issue contains a leader attacking New Labour for its obsession with presentation and spin at the expense of truth and honesty. Yet the whole point of Charles Arthur’s article is not to tell the truth, but to spin the facts in order to smear a nation and its leader.

Black American Conservative Writers

Well, OK - they're not all black - Michelle Malkin is Filipina - and they may not all be conservative. I'm not either. But what they have in common is a belief in personal responsibility, and an absence of the view that it's all whitey's fault. And they can write. A prize for anyone who ever gets to hear one of them on the BBC.

Larry Elder - provocative talk-show firebrand and author.

Michelle Malkin

Thomas Sowell. My favourite. Great writer, great site. I'd never heard of Eric Hoffer before.

Robert George

Charles Ellison

Mark Goldblatt

Deroy Murdock. Also writes for the Independent Gay Forum.

John H. McWhorter. Another fine writer whose position on black street culture is close to the UK's Tony Sewell.

Walter Williams. As already noted, a writer with a sense of humour. Read him at JWR.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Guilt-stricken white liberal ?

Walter Williams offers absolution.

"From this day forward Americans of European ancestry can stand straight and proud knowing they are without guilt and thus obliged not to act like damn fools in their relationships with Americans of African ancestry."

Discrimination is Alive and Well

Natalie Solent and Peter Cuthbertson mark the 40th anniversary of MLK's great 'I have a dream' speech by mourning the inverted racism of 'affirmative action' and white liberal guilt, and contrasting this with the vision of a society where people are judged not 'by the color of their skin but by the content of their character'.

Of course great strides have been made since then. Segregation, a real example of 'institutionalised racism' has been abolished. Black people can vote wherever they live in the US - even Florida. (And nobody seems too fussed about the absence of democracy in most of Africa).

But there's one area in which open racism flourishes, and is widely accepted - the area of personal, or more precisely sexual, relationships. But this tells us more about the change in attitudes to sexuality than it does about racism.

In Victorian times a person could dispose of property more or less as he wished, whereas sexuality was subject to many legal and social restrictions. Now the situation's been more or less reversed.

Back before the sexual revolution of the 1960s, sexuality was a public, not a private affair. Marriage was a public ceremony, the only socially approved expression of sexual desire was within marriage, and married couples held a privileged position in law, some vestiges of which still remain. It was also a time when employers could operate a colour bar, hotels or guest houses could display 'no coloureds' notices, and a private citizen was free to discriminate or not as he chose on any grounds in any area of life.

The Old Labour sociologist Norman Dennis, in his 'Families Without Fatherhood', commented on the cultural change which elevated the freedom to have relationships as and when you chose, regardless of the damage to third parties (for example children or an abandoned spouse) to an absolute right. Already, he wrote, the the classic phrases of rampant capitalism come to mind as the number of fatherless families mount - "Cannot a man do what he likes with his own ? As for the other party, caveat emptor - let her take the consequences of her bad bargain !"

The only difference, he continued, was that now the State, through taxation, would take the consequences of a wrong choice of partner - ' sexual conduct the cast of mind is that I please myself, but if anything goes wrong, you must be responsible that my children come to no harm. In effect such a biological father is saying, "You must be a socialist so that I can be an egoist. My baby is the hostage through which I, who will not do my duty, will hold you to your duty."

In 1976 a Mr Robert Relf was jailed for displaying a 'for sale' sign outside his Leamington Spa home which stated that the purchaser must be white. (Mr Relf was recently jailed again for refusing to fill in the census as there was no ethnicity box for 'English'.)

Yet if you're looking for a partner you can specify their race with no problems. Try, where you can choose from 10 different preferred 'ethnicities'. Lonelyhearts classifieds in every local freesheet specify the race of the potential partner. You can also discriminate on grounds of religion, disability, age, gender and sexual orientation. Not to mention grey hair, height (from 3 feet 1 inch to 8 feet 11 inches), occupation, income and body type (I liked 'other', also 'a few extra pounds').

Sex is the last area where discrimination is not only allowed but is almost mandatory.