Friday, April 21, 2006

God prosper long our noble Queen

And long may she reign !

Princess Elizabeth, aged 16
Picture from the National Archives.

UPDATE - I hate to repeat myself but ...

The monarchy is the living totem of our tribe.

In the US, to be republican is to be an American patriot, in Ireland to be an Irish patriot, in France to be a French patriot. There is no patriotic British republican tradition - what republicanism exists is, often explicitly, anti-British.

Monarchy, like religion, appeals to the irrational in human nature.

I use irrational here to mean something which human reason is ill-equipped to grasp or comprehend, but which may nonetheless play an important role in human affairs. Complex or imaginary numbers could be an analogy. I can't grasp the concept of the square root of -1, yet it plays an important role in physics. (Note - there are also numbers known as irrational numbers).

A society can get rid of monarchy, just as it can get rid of religion. But irrational urges in human beings cannot be so easily removed. If they cannot be expressed via the structures built up in Britain over the centuries, they will find an outlet elsewhere.

A Lawless Shambles That We Share The Blame For

The security forces are some of the biggest thugs. Vendettas, private armies.

We helped create this, and have been paying for it through our taxes.

"And people are sick of it - in fact 84% according to a recent poll, place internal security as their number one priority."

Now, in a move which reeks of desperation, the new Government has appointed a noted warlord from a powerful clan to head a new security force - a move that could spark civil war.

Iraq ? No, the Gaza Strip.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

You Have To Admire The Today Programme ...

The President of China is visiting the US - and the Today Programme's first item after the eight o'clock news decides to focus on China's attitude to human rights (RealAudio), which "is not exactly compatible with Western standards".

Would the BBC care to give us an example ?

"One huge cause for concern is China's fondness for the death penalty ..."

So let's ask Ken Livingstone's ex, Kate Allen of Amnesty International, to give a little talk on how China is 'by far the worst offender'.

Now there's a case for a close look at China's USE of the death penalty - it is applied for cases of 'economic sabotage' for example. But Kate Allen's position is that ALL executions are a violation of human rights.

Her views are shared by only a minority of the UK and US populations, though by probably a majority of Today presenters. The death penalty has been compatible with western standards for most of the twentieth century, and is still used in the greatest Western nation. How strange that, of all the criticisms that could be levelled - lack of democracy, no freedom of expression, no freedom of religion, for example - that the BBC should choose this as an example of what's wrong with China.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dialogue Of The Deaf

Tony Sewell telling it like it is. There's none so deaf as those that will not hear.

However, Sewell called for a rethink of educational strategies for black students.

“One of the ways that we’ve got it wrong is that we’ve been bogged down with the socialist route and agenda, which is not necessarily our agenda, and what we’ve done is concentrated on a very small group of disaffected black youths.

“It seems to me – strategically – that we’ve missed a whole way of going about it. We’ve got to come to the government and not say: ‘here’s a group of black children underachieving and what are you going to do?’

“What we want to actually say is: ‘here are the big strategic ideas and this is the group we want to focus on’." Sewell stunned the group when he called for the exclusion of the badly behaved minority in favour of the wellbehaved majority.

“In some schools, children are openly dealing drugs, they are openly violent with teachers, they are not coming to school on time.

“They never do any homework, they never have any of their bags with any schoolwork and they are bringing in a culture from the street of gangsterism right into the classroom. And then you sit down and say ‘we are concerned about exclusion rates?’

“To be honest, in some of those schools half of those students should have been out and if I was the head teacher I would kick them out because they deserved it," he said.

Other members of the panel violently objected to Sewell’s view.

“All you are doing is perpetuating that system of selection that has been refined by rejection," said German.

“There are too many schools like that which are not fit places to educate children," German added.

Paul Phoenix interjected: “We have got racism in our education system to a level that it is almost becoming acceptable.

“How can we expect any child to go into a system that tells them, one, ‘you don’t exist’ and two, ‘your foreparents did absolutely nothing for the benefit of humanity?’

“Would any of us walk into an environment that treats them the same way that the education system treats black children?" Phoenix asked.

You might think Sewell's ideas were common sense, to be applied to all children irrespective of race. German and Professor John, whose "Communities Empowerment Network" is funded by the National Lottery, don't think pupils should be excluded even after carrying out a sustained campaign of harassment against a teacher - including death threats.

NUT - they really are the Loony Left

The Times :

"I’m not the only person in this hall with a mental illness," he said. "Probably a third of you and a third of our members will experience mental illness at some time."

A Post

At Biased BBC.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Call

Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life :
Such a Way, as gives us breath :
Such a Truth, as ends all strife :
And such a Life, as killeth death.

Come, my Light, my Feast, my Strength :
Such a Light, as shows a feast :
Such a Feast, as mends in length :
Such a Strength, as makes his guest.

Come, my Joy, my Love, my Heart :
Such a Joy, as none can move :
Such a Love, as none can part :
Such a Heart, as joyes in love.

George Herbert 1593-1633

(another one of Vaughan-Williams Five Mystical Songs)

Escaping The Frantic Lifestyle

I blogged the other day about how English immigrants are destroying Welsh culture. New data from the Halifax is even more disturbing. It's not just London - there's a general move west of the English.

"The “West-East tilt” now rivals the North-South divide as the defining character in the country’s booming housing market.

More than two million people have moved away from London in the past ten years, whether to escape the frantic lifestyle or simply from a desire to retire to the countryside. And the West Country is proving to be one of the most popular destinations.

Eighteen of the 20 counties that have had the biggest increases in property prices since 1996 are in western Britain, according to figures from the Halifax, the country’s biggest mortgage lender.

Wales has, on average, had the biggest gain in prices during the period, accounting for 13 of the top 20 hotspots. The counties of Cornwall, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Somerset in the South West and Shropshire in the western Midlands also made it on to the list."

I love that 'whether to escape the frantic lifestyle'.

It appears that the Anglo-Saxons, 1600 years on, are following the Britons in retreating to the West. This is very bad news for the Britons (i.e. the Welsh and native Cornish). It could also be bad news for the Scots. First Minister Jack McConnell wants lots of immigrants - or he says he does. It'll be interesting to see the anti-racist Scots' response to an influx of well-heeled English refugees. The cheapest place to buy a house in mainland Britain is now Blaenau Gwent, once a land ot tight-knit steel and coal communities, chapel-goers and beer drinkers, now a smack-infested fractured land of bastards bypassed by the English incomers. It's an interesting (and sad) fact that the only Welsh places to avoid the influx will be those where the natives are violent enough. (But it's still risen 200%). So Easterhouse is pretty safe from colonisation. My tip - the Scottish Borders.

Department Of Bleeding Obvious

Observer :

Fear of crime is driving Britons to move home, according to new research that found up to 180,000 people a year relocate after becoming victims.
Burglaries were the most common reason for selling up, but other people had quit their neighbourhoods after car break-ins, muggings or more violent crimes.

Ah yes. As in 'escaping from the frantic lifestyle'.

"More than two million people have moved away from London in the past ten years, whether to escape the frantic lifestyle or simply from a desire to retire to the countryside."

The report, from the Institute for Public Policy Research, also shows that the poor, already known to be more likely to suffer crime, are disproportionately more likely to be badly affected by it. After being burgled, people living in council houses were more likely to suffer depression and sleepless nights than owner-occupiers in the same situation.

Dalrymple :

"My patient is, of course, an easy target for burglars and robbers. Her house has been broken into five times in the last year, and she has been robbed in the street three times in the same period, twice in the presence of passersby.

Such a person can expect no sympathy from the authorities. The police have told her more than once that the fault is hers: someone like her should not live somewhere like this. The streets, in other words, should be left to the hooligans, the vandals, and the robbers, to ply their inevitable trades in peace, and it is the duty of citizens to avoid them. It is no part of the state's duty to secure the streets against them.

In such circumstances, decency is almost synonymous with vulnerability: a quality with which the authorities have no sympathy."

Council Election Campaign - BNP "to drop Beckham, Rooney from England squad" ?

It seems the council election campaign has well and truly begun. All over the media is the claim of millionairess Labour minister Margaret Hodge that the non-millionaire natives of Barking are going BNP at a scary rate (wealthy Barking people are still strong anti-fascists - but they've moved to Dorset).

"Mrs Hodge said the pace of ethnic change in her area had frightened people. "What has happened in Barking and Dagenham is the most rapid transformation of a community we have ever witnessed.

"Nowhere else has changed so fast. When I arrived in 1994, it was a predominantly white, working class area. Now, go through the middle of Barking and you could be in Camden or Brixton."

Meanwhile the Telegraph is bigging up the organisation "Labour Friends of Searchlight". We're seeing here an increasing tendency to follow the US road when it comes to election expenses. LFoS is not a Labour Party organisation, will not advise people to vote Labour, just againt the BNP, and so does not break rules on election expenditure - allowing Labour to spend beyond the statutory limits in individual seats. Absent millionaires may yet play a role in Barking.

"More than 120,000 St George's Day leaflets with a picture of the England football team containing four black players have been sent out by the group, mainly to strong BNP areas in east London, the West Midlands, West Yorkshire and Lancashire.

At the last World Cup the BNP refused to support the English team because it had black players - and backed Denmark instead.

The leaflet says that as well as excluding black players such as Rio Ferdinand, the BNP would eject David Beckham, who is a quarter Jewish, and Wayne Rooney, who is of Irish descent."

While carrying no Union Flag-with-a-point-on-the-end for the BNP, this set the bs-detector stirring. What's the truth ?

It turns out

a) the BNP ran a piece when Denmark beat the French, saying that it demonstrated that multiculturalism didn't work. Classic Nazi nonsense a la "the fighting quality of a race depends upon its purity" (from Churchill's brilliant one-page precis of Mein Kampf - the closest I've got to it). The item ended with "Good luck in the next round, Denmark !" (This piece was part of a continuing debate - it seems hard to believe looking at France eight years later, but their 1998 World Cup victory was greeted by the entire liberal left as proof that France was a truly united multicultural nation.)

When they realised that the (multi-ethnic) England side was up againat Denmark in the next round, the piece was hurriedly removed (and Heskey scored as England won 3-0).

FWIW, I think black players will continue to be over-represented in top-level football - because they're better players. Skill levels may be the same among all races, but the physical differences which make West Africans and their descendants the best sprinters on the planet aren't going to go away.

b) The 'no Beckham or Rooney' stuff came, not from the BNP, but from every anti-racists favourite hate-sheet - the super soaraway Sun, which published a photo of an England squad 'under a BNP government'. This, and the pulled piece (which a/c/t Searchlight was written by Martin Wingfield, an unreconstructed ex-NF type), are the inspiration for this.

Information from (where else ?) Searchlight.

I must say that this second postcard, knocked up by Photoshop (what could Stalin have done with that), is not only dishonest, but counterproductive. It appears to show white rioters - a phenomenon so rare as to practically constitute an endangered species. While there are small groups of violent bad hats in that underworld where football violence meets politics, I don't think the average native will consider that a white mob torching their streets is terribly likely.

And if the implication is that BNP activities will cause some other group to torch their streets - well, at some point, 'don't do X or they'll riot' is going to lose its appeal as a political slogan.

The Telegraph seems to be well on board. This editorial points out that BNP policies include 'forced repatriation'.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd thought that the main plank of the BNPs difference with the old NF was precisely that they'd accepted the practical, and maybe moral, impossibility of repatriating seven or eight million people, most of whom were born here.

Sigh. Time for the statutory disclaimer. I could never join an organisation like the BNP, being an old-fashioned type who believes in content of character, colour of eyes and all that.

But as long as the demographics all point one way, as long as continuing immigration (and continuing emigration of natives) continue to change the cultural landscape, above all as long as our white, wealthy liberal elite refuse to even think about, let alone face honestly, some of the less palatable issues raised by a multicultural society (being themselves insulated from these issues by their wealth) - then we will see politics in the UK, and particularly in England - split upon racial lines. Thet is what has happened everywhere else in the world where a nation has major ethnic divisions - and while I love the English, I can't see them being immune - they're not THAT special.

There is no sign of the pace of immigration, or native emigration, slowing. In which case the only question is which party will represent the natives. Mr Howard's my-family-were-poor-immigrants Tories might have done. Mr Cameron's born-with-a-silver-coke-spoon-up-nose Tories ?

So - a big heave this election might keep the BNP vote down. But the effort needed will be higher each time as the tide rises.