Saturday, July 22, 2006

Channel Swimming for Cats

The David Walliams swim a week or two back reminded me of the time in the 1960s when two cats competed in a cross-channel swim.

A French moggy named 'Un-Deux-Trois' was pitted against an English challenger, a tabby called 'One-Two-Three'. On 19 July, 1968, in large open cages towed behind boats, they set off from near Dover.

Who won ?

The English cat. Because ...

The "Un-Deux-Trois" cat sank.


Anonymous said...

I just adore Anglo-French rivallry. It's the perfect way to vent the patriotic frustration we've all felt since the dismantling of the Empire.

It's all very well badmouthing the Americans, but they're the world superpower so they must be doing something right. Having a pop at the French is one of the few politically uncorrect things you can get away with in Blair's Britain.

DFH said...

The "Un-Deux-Trois" cat sank.

I must be pissed because that made me laugh out loud.

Moriarty said...

"Un-Deux-Trois" cat sank.

Sick wit, Laban.