Saturday, July 22, 2006

Open Britain

"Britain is now an open country, in immigration terms the equivalent of the drunk girl semi-conscious on the sofa as the party ends, being eyed up by a couple of dodgy lads."

At some stage - probably when they find there are no summer jobs left for their student sons and daughters, the liberal elite may just wake up to what's happening.

"The number of people joining the British workforce from the newest - mainly east European - EU member states leapt 145% last year, it was revealed today.

The dramatic scale of economic migration into Britain was uncovered today when the government published figures for the number of national insurance (NI) numbers being issued to foreign nationals.

According to the figures, over 50% more foreign national NI numbers were granted in 2005 than in the previous year, with a majority of the increase coming from the EU's 10 new countries.

Some 662,000 registrations were issued in 2005, 223,000 more than in the previous 12 months.

Most of the increase was due to applications from nationals of the latest batch of new EU members: the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia."

Ah, so it's only immigration from Europe that's increasing, is it ?

"Registrations of people from those 10 countries - who acceded on May 1, 2004 - shot up by 160,000 (145%), while those of other foreign nationals rose 63,000 (19%)."

Not that mass immigration from Europe is good news. As I've pointed out, the culture that makes the Poles hard-working good sorts is the culture of Catholic Poland. God only knows what their descendants will be like after 20 or 30 years here, but the precedents of the Windrush and Mirpuri migrations, also of decent hardworking types, isn't encouraging.

"The figures show the government massively underestimated the scale of eastern European migration. A Home Office study in 2003 predicted only 13,000 people would arrive from the new EU countries."

Ah yes. And the Guardian supported the government figures with their own dodgy surveys.

"The figures from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) also indicate that the new arrivals are young working adults. Only 3% of the foreign nationals are claiming benefits, a drop from 6% last year. If the new workers decide to settle in Britain and have families that figure would be expected to rise."

Ah yes. So they'd need to be young to settle and have families. And have their women with them.

"Some 82% of those registered were under 35 and only 7,000 were over 55. Males accounted for 54% of the 662,000."

These people aren't going home. The replacement of the English (and, as a spin-off, of the Welsh) continues apace.

UPDATE - see also "Britain's biggest wave of migrants in history"


Anonymous said...

Immigration has been a problem for a long time, ever since a Conservative MP (whose name has slipped my mind) said there'd be "rivers of blood", the problem has been growing and growing. Not only will jobs go, but our culture and (controversial as it is for me to say so) race.

I am no racist, I just love my country and people.

I love the use of the term "Liberal Elite", by the way. Sounds almost revolutionary!

Anonymous said...

hang on a minute didn't you say a while ago that it was character that mattered not race? and thats why you don't support BNP.

“The most effective agent in the extinction of species is the pressure of other species” (Alfred R. Wallace).
That is what is happening on modern Britain, mass immigration is pushing house prices up so much that the young can't afford to start a family. (Unless they are on state support ofcourse)
..."the committee did not call for an amnesty for illegal migrants, saying it would not work without secure borders".

dearieme said...

Come now, the children of the "liberal elite" will always get jobs. There's the BBC, Brussels.....; so many public teats to suck on. As a test, follow the career of Master Euan Blair.

Anonymous said...

We have no border control because the EU wont allow it. We can no longer refuse entry to Europeans unless they have been deported. Oh and I note that in these surveys they never mention the tens of thousands of Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish etc. nationals (usually gypsies) who our useless government gave asylum too. How many are still here collecting benefits and living in council houses? I am not racist, it just sickens me that our welfare state props up deadbeats who have never paid a penny in to the system.

Maybe one day we will wake up and pull out of the disaster that is the EU and secure our borders but to be honest the damage has already been done and Britain is washed up.

As for the rivers of blood it has taken longer than Enoch predicted but with Labour allowing in tens of thousands of Iraqi, Somali, Afghan and Iranian men between 18 and 30 to settle here my fear is it will not be far away.
Oh and lets not forget the tens of thousands of non Europeans the Dutch gave citizenship too. Most of them are in Britain living off our benefits system now.

Anonymous said...

Those central european gypsies - they were never assimilated into Romania or Slovakia etc. But somehow thats all going to change now they are here. Evidence please liberal elite.

Charles Martel said...

i hate to be a party pooper folks, but if there are no summer jobs in England - why not just get a U.S. student visa, and work there for the summer?

thats what i had to do , when there were zero jobs in high unemployment 1980s Ireland.

Martin said...


So you think the UK is now like '80's Ireland?

Thanks for making Laban's point.

Sure, 'twas a shame ye had to go to Amerikay...although what you factor out of your analysis is that American ethnic identity politics as practiced since the Immigration Act of 1965 has given your countrymen an unfair advantage in immigration to the USA. Many Irish I know think going to the USA's a journey no more onerous than catching a bus.

And by the way, I think the point that's being made here is one that might also be made by American students unable to get summer jobs because of the volume of Mexican/Guatemalan/Irish illegals in their homeland.

Anonymous said...

the culture that makes the Poles hard-working good sorts is the culture of Catholic Poland

Didn't work under Communism ! Actually i don't think you are correct. The reason why is simply that the quality of labour is such that Polish graduates are cheap to employ in low-level positions.

What s happening is that another country's investment in graduates is being used to supplant non-graduate labour in non-graduate jobs in Britain.

In the case of those working on farms etc, it is simply that they have a goal ana a motivation to move upwards and are earning much more than is possible in Poland - after another 12 months when they become eligible for Housing Benefit, Tax Credits, etc things might look very different

Anonymous said...

I love the use of the term "Liberal Elite

I prefer Nomenklatura