Saturday, July 22, 2006


Has changed its url. A fine blog. Find them here. I wonder if they've got RSS and links to individual posts yet ?

Other new links.

West Bournemouth UKIP. A fine body of men (and women - especially Belinda).

Nationalist News (in good old commie Britain). Had to think a bit about this. Could this chap be to the right of the BNP ?

In terms of my blogging sympathies, I tend to divide the blogs who aren't keen on mass immigration into the sensible chaps / chapesses like myself (Pub Philosopher or DFH would be typical), who are motivated by the bleeding obvious - that a huge influx of people with a different culture, especially at a time of cultural collapse and confusion among the natives - will almost certainly lead to disunity, strife, and danger for my children - and those blogs who just don't like the buggers full stop. (Which, of course, they have every right to do.)

I tend to think NN falls into the latter category. Nonetheless, my policy is to link to those who link to me.

I can always add a 'Parental Advisory'. After all, the Modern Crusader's been on the roll for years.

Indeed, if I found a link from his blog, I would link to Satan himself.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers, mate. I'm touched.

I had a row with someone on Dead Men Left who had a go at me for linking to 'BNP and Me'. I told him I had a polcy of linking to whoever links to me and so far, I have honoured that. Which is why Dead Men Left and Nationalist News end up on the same blogroll.