Thursday, July 20, 2006

"It is shameful, Tommy. It is shameful"

There's plenty of farce on show up there in Edinboro'. But there's tragedy too.

Mr Sheridan put it to Mr Green during cross-examination that the minutes were fake, and were part of a plot to topple him. “This so-called minute is as genuine as a ten-bob note, isn’t it?” he said. Mr Green replied: “No, Tommy, you know it is true.”

Mr Green then accused the MSP of taking “a shameful step to smear good comrades. For you to turn round and accuse the likes of myself of monstrous frame-ups is an appalling thing for you to do,” he said. “I can hardly believe you are doing this. You know that, like yourself, I have spent a lifetime to build up the socialist movement. You can lie, accuse me of monstrous frame-ups, none of it the truth. It is shameful, Tommy, shameful.”

Mr Green said that problems had arisen as to how the matter of the newspaper article should be handled. He said that Mr Sheridan had accepted that the claims were true but “wanted to prove the story was false”.

Party workers pleaded with him to drop the court case, knowing how much damage it would do to the party, he said.

“Nobody at the meeting favoured Tommy’s course of action. Everyone agreed that Tommy should admit the story or maintain that his private life is not for public discussion,” Mr Green said.

There's a real Freudian slip from Sheridan as well. The expression is 'bent as a nine-bob note'. The ten-bob note is genuine.


Anonymous said...

My father was born working class - he worked hard all his life, set up his own business, as did my mother. And where has it got them? Well, currently retired and in the Scillies, on about their eleventh holiday this year, the gits. I'm sure there's some kind of moral to this tale, which I find increasingly hard to remember after another 11 hour day at the bank...

Anonymous said...

"damage to the party"?!!! What, they'll get 200 votes next time instead of 250? The egos of these people are unbelievable. They are utterly insignificant - this court case is the biggest publicity they will ever get in their miserable political lives.

Martin said...


You're proclaiming your ignorance of the SSP's influence. They have six seats, five in Glasgow/West, one Lothians. That was a 600% increase in their representation from 1999 to 2003. Although all as mad as barking loons and mean as baited badgers, they are not a force to be sniffed at; which is why the schadenfreude produced by their current discomfiture is of a particularly rich and tasy vintage.

Laban said...

Be fair, now. They've got 6 MSPs.

I think their policies are (mostly) idiotic, and Rosie Kane and Sheridan are utter clowns - but there are still a lot of good, sincere people in there too (OK, I admit you could say that about the Brownshirts as well).

Sheridan's insane decision to sue will destroy years of work. He'll be all right though - he'll end up doing chat shows or presenting the Adult Channel with Abi Titmuss.

Shuggy said...

The expression is 'bent as a nine-bob bit'.

Have you been getting the latest? Sheridan's public display of insanity continues unabated. When he's not referring to himself in the third person he's comparing himself to Superman now and being moved to tears by his own rhetoric. Usually you have to flick over to coverage of an American trial - OJ or Michael Jackson or something - to see something as completely lunatic as this trial.

Squander Two said...


Do you have any of these genuine 50-pence notes? Could you perhaps post a picture of one?