Saturday, May 15, 2010


The Icelandic volcano webcam is providing some great pictures - usually it's so cloudy this one doesn't show anything, but it's a clear day today.

Quote of the Day

Ross on the Labour Party leadership contest between the Miliband brothers, as commented on by the sons of John Prescott and Jack Straw.

"I've seen Austrian cellars that have a less incestuous vibe than the Labour Party"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night Music - Little Girl Edition

Soon my darling will be thirteen years old. Lordy. As wonderful, bright, intuitive and charming as ever, and with the same awesome temper. Sunshine and showers every day. You can imagine with what excitement Victorian Dad is looking forward to the next few years of 'no, you can't stay out at the party'. She's at another thirteen-party tonight.

I first heard this a few years back, found it quite charming, and I don't think she knows it - but I think she'll love it. Not sure you lot will though.

UPDATE - my little girl is growing up. She listened politely and said 'Very nice Dad - have you heard this ?' - then played Kate Rusby.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Doubtless He's Coming To Terms With It ...

A leading psychiatrist has admitted it was 'unwise' to accept gifts and a legacy of £1.35million from a 'sad and lonely' actress he was treating.

I imagine the 'grieving process' is nearing completion and the 'spending process' is about to commence.

From 'Hosanna!' to 'Crucify Him!' - New Record Established

I don't know. Only a few days ago the concept of the 'progressive majority' was cheering up white liberals the length and breadth of wherever it is they come from.

Now it's the Con-Dem-Nation and some foolish people are looking forward to blood on the streets.

"You can't stop the cities. You can't stop the internet fracturing everything that was solid and safe about the priggish culture that made you. You can't stop the riot that's brewing..."

As well as betraying a complete ignorance of the Cameronian culture, derived more from hedonism and late-80s raves (that scene being the one which saw the rise of the 'no ugly' door policy and the VIP area) than God, Flag and Country, her adolescent rant (remember when 23 was considered grown-up ? It was about 1958, I think) betrays an ignorance of the riot. A full-on riot isn't generally a very nice thing. People get burned to death in their post offices, or stabbed on the street. In Brixton in 1981 a woman was raped in her house and a photographer killed for his gear. A lot of people get robbed or have their property destroyed and are made homeless.

The last major UK riots saw a serious attempt at mass racist murder. Abroad such attempts are often successful. Ms Red really should be more careful what she wishes for.

UPDATE - here's someone else who should really know better - but at least he doesn't actually seem to be looking forward to them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Frabjous Day !

Alas, it doesn't feel like May 1997, though. Perhaps it's a good thing. I have no illusions about Cameron to be shattered.

A pity there isn't a Lib Dem Chancellor - that would have bolted them into the Government more securely than anything else - and given the unpleasant things the Chancellor will have to do the Blessed Vincent de Cable would have been a neat choice. As it is, there's still the possibility that they'll be able to distance themselves from all that. Labour will sing 'Tory cuts' from Day One - a Lib Dem in the hot seat would have made that more difficult. And besides, it may not be fair, but George Osborne still looks as if his special subject at school was holding other boys heads down the toilet and pulling the chain.

I approve of them taking on the raising of the income tax threshhold to 10K, but how will that work in practice without giving us all a tax cut ? How do you taper that off without producing higher marginal tax rates for still low-paid people ?

I can see only one answer - a rise in income tax such that, say, someone on average wages or thereabouts pays a little more than now (we have to share the pain), those below pay the same or less tax, those above pay more. And VAT will presumably be 20%.

Don't like it, but Gordon's sums haven't added up since Prudence was put on crack and made to work the streets in about 2000.