Friday, June 15, 2007


I'm not generally in favour of foreign nationals coming over here and gaining benefits by deception.

But you have to have a grudging respect for the sheer brass neck of Syrian airline pilot Fadi Sbano.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blog constitutes "a racially-aggravated breach of the peace"

Anyone actually seen this guy's blog ?

A supermarket worker who set up a website mocking minority groups has been told he could be jailed. Economics graduate Andrew Love, 22, "blogged to shock" on the site and invited staff at the Falkirk Morrisons branch where he worked to view it. Love directed his insults at groups including black and disabled people, Muslims and homosexuals.


"Except Wild Wales"

Continued light posting alas. But I couldn't resist taking a pop at Michael White's remarkable Guardian piece, a sympathetic look at the Cornish who find themselves being swamped by what he calls "an influx of outsiders".

Of course I'm sympathetic too. But the hypocrisy is breathtaking.

"With an influx of outsiders buying up property, national sentiment has grown in Cornwall - and the alleged terrorist threats are hardly surprising."

Funny. There's been an "influx of outsiders" in the rest of England too. Surely you should be calling upon the Cornish to "ignore myths, stick to facts" - as you called upon the people of Barking and their MP to do recently. And aren't the threateners bigoted, racist neo-Nazis ?

The facts are surely that Cornwall is immeasurably enriched by the influx, which has improved restaurants no end and is keeping the Cornish economy vibrant. Anyway, Cornwall has always been a county of immigrants - this is nothing new. And there's no such thing as the Cornish people anyway. Recent historical research has shown that people from the Home Counties were living in Cornwall as far back as the first century AD, therefore any number of people from Camberley can move there now.

The immigrants into Cornwall are of course wealthy and not-so-wealthy refugees from multicultural England, fleeing West. Its a historical irony that one of the by-products of mass immigration into England should be something that the Anglo-Saxon invaders of AD 500 failed to achieve - the cultural destruction of the Celtic fastnesses of North Wales (today's Wales) and West Wales (today's Cornwall).

In the 6th century, when the Anglo-Saxons were everywhere driving back or slaughtering the natives, the bard Taliesin wrote :

Their Lord they shall praise,
Their language they shall keep,
Their land they shall lose -
Except wild Wales.

I invite readers to take a look at the following recent reports on the housing market :

"The “West-East tilt” now rivals the North-South divide as the defining character in the country’s booming housing market."

From the Sunday Times property supplement of April 9th 2006.

"Wales is the new Cornwall"

(and compare the house price data with the graphic in this post)

UPDATE - Guardianista John Harris says 'we shouldn't be surprised'. After all, "a lot of what I'm talking about has to do with identity, language, culture and history, which everybody is imbued with down here".

Identity, culture and history are OK for the 'fierce nationalists' of Cornwall - as long as directed against 'metropolitan types'. Not so for the reactionaries of the Five Towns.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Do As You Likeys

By now, the other boys had found poles and sticks to beat us with. They were surrounding us, and nonchalant young men were standing by watching. The pacing steed had been replaced by a manic squad bike that was running circles around me and Jessamy. While I was fending off Jonathan, Jessamy was protecting the awning that the boys were pulling down. In despair she turned to a man who had stuck his head out of a neighbouring caravan.

"What can I do to stop these children tormenting us?" she asked

"Pack up and go", he said.

Ever wondered what would happen if someone from the straight world pulled their caravan up on a traveller site ? I've lived in the country long enough to be frankly amazed that anyone would try it. Nowt as queer as folk.

Travellers, as we all know, are very poor people and subject to the most dreadful discrimination.