Friday, February 10, 2006

We're Doomed !

It's not just minority status that beckons for the Native Brits, and particularly the English.

"A view of multiculturalism where no single group is perceived as dominant is needed to prevent a repeat of the inner city riots of the 1980s, communities minister David Miliband argued this week."

Given that in the context of Miliband's speech 'group' has to mean 'ethnic group', his strategy appears to be 'let's build the former Yugoslavia - but manage it better'. Full text is here.

What 'groups' will then be competing for dominance, to answer Humpty
question 'which is to be master ?'. There'll be the natives, represented by the Conservative Party (stop laughing at the back). I think the events of the last week might be a pointer to the identity of a second group. Who will the others be ?

I wonder whether the project to centralise the police and squash the local authorities into 'regions' doesn't contain the seeds of a strategy to keep political control with the big cities - which the Brits are leaving at such a rate.

(The Scarman Trust is also at the heart of the Government's plans to steal 'unclaimed assets' - i.e. that post office account great-aunt hasn't touched for 25 years. The money will be filched from such acounts (belonging in the main to elderly natives) and channeled to ... let them say it.

"It is hoped that several £ billions will be channelled to communities as a result of the commission's work."

I don't think by 'communities' they mean Cotswold parish councils, or Welsh hill-farmers. Of couse, no sensible person could, or should, consider such a policy racist. But by the government's lights, and the law as currently interpreted, it IS racist, in that the effect is to indirectly disadvantage one ethnic group (elderly native Brits) in favour of young ethnic minority people.

Such indirect discrimination is hard-wired into many other areas of government policy. Natives living in the shires are taxed and the money redistributed to city (and Labour-voting) authorities . Schools in the cities get levels of funding which are only matched by the private sector, though much good it does them.

Were there a government proposal to take money from young ethnic minority people, and redistribute it to elderly natives, there'd be an outcry, sustained by pressure groups like the CRE and the 1990 Trust (funded by taxes), and amplified by the BBC (funded by taxes) and the Guardian (funded by taxes - see this post).

I shan't wait up for a mainstream politician to speak.


Anonymous said...

LT - youre doing a great job!


Anonymous said...

Well its treachery, they want to replace the English people.

The last bit is just another reason why people don't save. It will be stolen from you if you do.

These 'socialists' are evil people.