Monday, February 06, 2006

More Stewart Lee

A commenter writes :

Stewart Lee had a BBC comedy series about 10 years ago called "Fist of Fun" which included various parodies of Christian parables. In one of the shows he read out a letter from a viewer asking if he would dare mock other religions like islam in the same way, his reply was something like-

"We respect all religions, particularly those with guns"

At least he was honest back then.

The hitherto little-known (i.e. doesn't link to me) Dr Feelgood gets a slap in too.

So, if I read this correctly, he is actually claiming that Christianity was 'asking for it' because Christians don't respect Jesus the way Muslims respect Mohammad. This totally misses the point of satire - isn't the very point of satire to prick egos? Why should I acknowledge him as the bigger man for picking on the smaller target? Whatever you think of the cartoons, they do engage with Islam 'on its own terms' - those terms being that Mohammad should not ever be displayed. They engaged with that, and challenged it.


Peter said...

Stewart Lee did a UK tour late last year.

He based most of the material around how he nearly had a nervous breakdown after the reaction he got from Jerry Springer The Opera.

In response to this, he told a long shaggy dog story about a anxiety-stricken, drunken night out. It culminated in him coming home and vomitting into the anus of Jesus. (In fact it was a lot more laboured and gross than that.)

The story lasted for nearly half the show and was not actually all that funny. It was built on shock value, to get revenge on the Christians who he said had bullied him about Jerry Springer and to emphasize that he would not let them silence him.

His double standards could not be more apparent.

Peter Reavy

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Lee will take the piss out of Christians 'cos he knows they wont kill him. Fine, but we need pay no further attention to any claims to higher universal values of freedom of speech or satire which he or his defenders might make.