Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Death Of British Industry

Disaster as another vital manufacturing plant relocates to China.

At its peak, The Creative Christmas Company, in Langley Park, County Durham, employed 40 people and had a £2m turnover.

It will now move to smaller premises and become an import business with its three remaining staff.

The company was founded 10 years ago by Tom Baker, who has been making tinsel since 1978.

He said: "The Chinese currency is linked to the dollar, the dollar has got cheaper every year, we have been having cheaper holidays in America and enjoying that, but it also has the effect of making their products from China cheaper."

It's not just a question of the immediate job losses. Vital technical know-how will also be lost. You can't create skilled tinsel makers with two weeks training. Not only that, but the supporting industries won't be there. If there was war with China (and if there are any Christians left) the nation's trees will be bare.

Latest BBC news counts - "factory close job loss" - 1,001 stories, "factory open new job" - 425 stories - and most of those are about new jobs overseas.

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