Sunday, February 05, 2006

Neatly Put

From a letter to the Times by James, who's posting some good stuff.

"Although you give a reasoned defense of your decision not to publish the Danish cartoons, overall, the British Press's hesitancy to take an unequivocal stand against censorship by a religious group should put to rest anyone's doubts of the efficacy of the death penalty as a deterrent."

UPDATE - Drinking From Home doesn't rate Stewart Lee either. Great link to this site of Images of Mahomet as well. Wait 'till they find out he's sculpted on the US Supreme Court building, near the great Sir William Blackstone.

Did you know that an alleged Al-Quaeds guy (operating from Britain, of course) was plotting to blow up an image of Mohammed ?


Anonymous said...

Stewart Lee had a BBC comedy series about 10 years ago called "Fist of Fun" which included various parodies of christian parables. In one of the shows he read out a letter from a viewer asking if he would dare mock other religions like islam in the same way, his reply was something like-

"We respect all religions, particularly those with guns"

At least he was honest back then.

James G. said...

Thanks for the compliment (and the traffic), Laban...By the way, just got The Wanting Seed out of the library and it is hard to put down.

I feel a post coming on about why it is that British authors do so well at writing dystopian stories.

Anonymous said...

Don't think its that straightforward, a fairer comparision would be being killed vs being imprisoned for life for drawing cartoons. I personally might prefer the former. I don't think all abolitionists are necessarily soft on crime as sometimes made out to be. The argument against the death penalty for me is the same as that against chopping bits off for minor offences.