Thursday, February 09, 2006

More Snowdrops From The Curate's Garden

The Government is planning to send fewer criminals to prison, and let out more who are there.

"Prison reform groups backed the plans". Uh-oh. So will criminals, then. In fact the coverage on the BBC and the Today programme could have been written by the Howard League for the Abolition of Punishment.

"Among other proposals, Mr Clarke is set to say prisoners should be made to sign contracts pledging not to re-offend in return for help with housing and jobs on release."

Bwwuuaaaaaaah-ha-ha-ha ! The guy's a genius !

Elsewhere ....

the Government are giving Sinn Fein/IRA £500,000 of OUR money, "despite protests from all sides that ministers had come close to "blackmailing" them by warning that rejection might damage the peace process." In other words, 'give us the money or I'll shoot'.

Oh, and those new light-blue Tories are helping Sinn Fein/IRA too.

David Lidington suggested the five absent Sinn Fein MPs, including Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, who represent the political wing of the Provisional IRA, could take an "alternative" oath with references to the monarch removed.

His proposal caused outrage among Unionists, who were already infuriated by the restoration of Sinn Fein's parliamentary allowances.

Why Abu Hamza stayed free so long.

The Church of England are on their knees again.

"The Church of England has voted to apologise to the descendents of victims of the slave trade."

There must be a few people in the world to whom the Church of England has yet to apologise, but the only ones I can think of are the English people.

And a police officer in Bournemouth has told people not to bother reporting thefts worth less then £75, and that they can't detain suspects because of Human Rights legislation.

Dorset police have enough on their plate arresting elderly Christians.

Oh - and Labour want to scrap next year's council elections. They already know what's good for us - they can save us the trouble of voting.

Looks like everything's back to normal in Britain.


Natalie said...

I had my go at the CofE here, but the important point I really had to make about that story was that the BBC cannot spell "descendants."

Anonymous said...

"While sent with the good intention of reducing crime, the letter... was a mistake and incorrect"
Supt Nick Hazelton

Good grief. So the police force now think that they can reduce crime just by stopping people from reporting it. What kind of strange existential reality does paperwork and statistics have for these idiots?

James G. said...

All is double-plus good in Air Strip One...

Anonymous said...

A quote from your link,

Mr Clarke told the Commons: "Prison does not work in stopping re-offending."

Sorry to post the obvious, but this stupid mantra of the left has been repeated so many times that many people actually believe it, and every time that I see this comment I cannot resist making three points.

Prison is near 100% effective when the scum are behind bars.

If they re-offend on release then put them back in for a longer sentence.

Where’s the data which proves re-offending is lower when non-custodial alternatives are employed?

(I’ve yet to get an answer to the last point.)

Anonymous said...

The statistics that 'prove' non custodial sentences have lower reoffending rates are provided by the probation service of course. ;)

I think that Private Eye had something on this a while back; the probation service used all sorts of ways to fiddle the numbers until they gave the desired result.

Anonymous said...

Where’s the data which proves re-offending is lower when non-custodial alternatives are employed?

The contrary data is in US experience.

Most US states have lower crime rates than today's UK, with a lot more prisoners locked up for longer terms in US prisons.