Saturday, April 02, 2005

Fight Of The Day ...

Bowyer vs Dyer. The video here.

The inside story here.

"... just before the incident, Bowyer spotted that Dyer was wearing his mascara. Lee had told him that he could not borrow it but Dyer just used it. Well, can you blame Lee for trying to claw his eyes out, what's a boy to do? Apparently the incident continued in the dressing room and Dyer has a nasty cut where the clasp on Lee's Louis Vuitton handbag caught him just above the left eye ..."

UPDATE - Jonny B is in sombre mood.

The past weekend's events made me question our values as a society.

Acres of newspaper coverage in tabloid and broadsheet. Photographs. Background. Commentary. People going on and on about it on the telly.

But what I'd like to know is:

What, precisely, is so wrong about punching Keiron Dyer in the face?

UPDATE - Tony Cascarino :

"I have never met Lee Bowyer but everyone I have spoken to about him says that he is a toerag"

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