Saturday, April 02, 2005

Monocultural Blogging

Remember the free blogosphere ? Via Volokh, the news that the diversity police are awake. The old problem - no sooner are those hideously white males chased out of their old haunts, than they find new areas to dominate.

So in the true spirit of tokenism (the trouble with irony is that people miss it) a hastily-assembled link to LaShawn's Terri Schiavo links, Ambra Nykol likewise, and Debra Dickerson's powerful essay on the random shooting of her nephew (not quite random - he waved to a car which he thought contained his friends. The occupant got out and shot him, paralysing him).

Oh, and Mulatto Advocate - excellent stuff. And the blog links here.

I've no idea of Tom Smith's ethnicity - he could be this Tom Smith for all I know. Here's his short play on Michael Schiavo In Hell.

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