Sunday, March 27, 2005

This Is Our Justice System

Take a look at the weblog of Judy McKnight, General Secretary of NAPO, the Probation Officers union - the people who kept Tony Martin inside because he was a risk to the burgling community.

If amy of you find anything about the victims of crime, even a mention of the fact that they exist, do let me know. I'm not hopeful though. A quick search for the word 'victim' revealed nothing.

This is more typical.

Martin Narey didn't like me pointing out that the NOMS Vision statement lacked vision, and that in contrast to the Prison Service "Statement of Purpose" and the Probation Service "Aims" and "Values", his vision was silent on supporting staff.

Martin Narey countered by pointing out that the NOMS statement referred to "focussing a diverse, competent and professional workforce". I pointed out that this was not the same as "supporting " and "valuing" staff, and that this reference to "diverse" was the only reference to diversity in the whole statement; in other words, the NOMS statement is silent on diversity being an underlying value in the work of the service.

This is fairly shocking.

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