Thursday, March 31, 2005

How To Reduce STDs

HIV is going up. Other STDs at record levels. That old favourite syphilis is back. An interesting new disease arises - a sort of chlamydia of the bot.

What should we do ?

Obvious - more sex education.

UPDATE - this report clearly shows the effect of sex education on STDs (or STIs as the Telegraph calls them). The low number of STIs among Pakistani and Indian men and women is clearly a reflection of the much greater amount of sex education in the Muslim and Hindu communities. Isn't it ?

He also points out the role of cultural norms regarding issues such as multiple partners and the age of losing one's virginity, with the substantially older age of first intercourse and lower number of partners among Indians and Pakistanis coinciding with low STI rates.

When men were asked about whether they had ever been diagnosed with a STI, 10.9 per cent of whites, 19.7 cent of black Caribbeans and 16.2 per cent of black Africans said they had. The figures for Indian and Pakistani males were 3.4 and 3.2 per cent.

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