Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Generating Genius

"No one, however, is going to fund you if you talk about developing the talented tenth in school."

Thus spake the great Tony Sewell only a month ago.

I'm not sure what (say) the Guardian and BBC would say about a scheme for which only white males qualified, but let it pass. Tony Sewell has found funding to send talented twelve year olds off to university in Jamaica for a month each summer. I'm presuming the idea is to catch the bright ones before street culture hath them in thrall.

Sewell believes that by identifying bright children when they are young and supporting them for more than three years, he has found a way of turning round the trend of underachievement.

Asked why he chose Jamaica: “In Jamaica they will see that every person in a position of authority looks like them. That fact alone is very important. Those boys will never be the same again and it’s all positive.”

During the course the boys will study various sciences and will work in some top laboratories in Kingston and undertake real experiments. The boys will return to Britain able to do demonstration lectures in medicine and research science.

When the boys come back from their summer residency they will be supported by a number of English universities.

Tam-tip - the indispensible Booker Rising (again)

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