Sunday, April 03, 2005

John Paul II

Goalkeeper, skier, climber, national liberator, a brave man and a great Christian who resisted all temptations for compromise with a secular world and the death culture. Not to mention forgiving, and visiting in prison, someone who'd put three bullets into him. He walked it like he talked it. Where shall we find such another ? Certainly not in England.

Image - Aberystwyth University Catholic Society
"We see you welcomed by all the Saints you have recognized, cupping the face of that tiny nun once again in your great strong hands, and hearing the “Well done” that is the true crown of a Christian."

Marcus has the words, as does the (Anglican) Gray Monk.

I won't even bother reading the Guardian obit. I could write it myself.

" ... abortion ... right to choose ... women ... contraception ... HIV ... developing world ... Africa ... condoms ... death ..."

On the credit side " ... criticised death penalty in US ... disagreed with Bush over Iraq ..."

UPDATE - complete links to comment and obituaries at Thinking Anglicans.

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