Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Remember ASBOs ? Brought in to deal with neighbours from hell and unruly youth gangs ?

"A man who was made subject to an Anti-Social Behaviour Order for putting up a sign saying “porking yard” in his pub car park, because it was offensive to Muslims, today described the court action as “a joke”.

Leroy Trought, 42, was given a two-year Asbo at a hearing at Bristol Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Magistrates ordered him to change the wording of the “porking yard” sign at The Swan With Two Necks in St Judes, Bristol, to “parking yard”.

He was ordered not to display any signs that may be threatening, abusive or insulting at the pub, which is next to a Somali mosque."

Now such a sign may be pretty tasteless, presumably referring to the kind of activity which is not unknown in pub car parks, but were Christians to protest against it they'd be laughed out of court. Under multiculturalism all cultures are equal, some are just more equal than others.

Hat-tip - TP.

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