Friday, September 04, 2009

Oh dear

The story of Noor Ramjanally, abducted and threatened by BNP thugs for the crime of leading Muslim prayers in an Essex community centre, was all over the left blogs a week or two back. And indeed, as MacGonagall might put it, if it were true, it would indeed be sad.

Those commenters who reckoned it was a put up job were given short shrift as jackboot-wearing apologists for etc etc. I was agnostic - had no idea one way or other of the truth, so "lay low and said nuthin'".

Alas for human frailty.
A Muslim community leader who claimed he was kidnapped from his home at knifepoint and dumped in woodland after a BNP hate campaign has been arrested for perverting the course of justice. Noor Ramjanally, 36, alleged that he was abducted by two men, bundled into a car boot, driven to Epping Forest in Essex and ordered to stop his religious work. The BNP had been accused of whipping up racial tensions in the area after it issued an inflammatory leaflet about Mr Ramjanally's Islamic community group - the first in Loughton.

His alleged ordeal became a cause celebre among the Muslim community both locally and nationally after it was reported in the national press. Recalling the supposed abduction, he said: "I have got the whole UK Muslim community behind me now. I am not just on my own." And after the alleged arson attack, high-profile community figures, including Loughton Mayor Ken Angold-Stephens, religious leaders, teachers and members of the police attended the hall where he holds prayer sessions in a show of support.