Monday, August 31, 2009

I Predict A Riot ?

It's an endless feedback loop.

As I said in my Brum post, there's a 'provocation' and then a disproportionate response. The provocation, as in the Bradford riots, doesn't have to actually exist. Rumour is sufficient evidence.

LONDON (Reuters) - A group of 200 Asians attacked a police patrol team with fireworks in Luton, north of London, where a right-wing march had been planned, police said on Sunday. In a statement Bedfordshire Police said 50 officers and six police horses had been called in the afternoon after a small team of constables and police community support volunteers had been attacked by about "200 members of the younger Asian community" in the Bury Park area of Luton.

Two people were arrested but nobody was injured, a spokeswoman for the police told Reuters. The incident occurred on the day far right-wing groups had planned to march through the town. A three-month blanket banning order on marching in the town, approved by the home secretary a week ago, prevented the march. It is the third banning order of the kind issued in the town in the last four years, the police spokeswoman said.

Chief Superintendent Andy Frost said: "There has been extensive public consultation and work behind the scenes to ensure Luton was not the chosen venue for any kind of march or protest but it would seem that for no apparent reason disorder has broken out in Bury Park." Policing of the area returned to "normal levels" at around 7 pm, "with the disorder dealt with and the crowds dispersed." police said.

My reading of this is that after the earlier unpleasantness in the town the youth were all fired up for a rematch. Why put the game off just because the other side's not turned up ?

Were it not for the police, who stopped the youth heading for the town centre, I imagine, as in Brum, that assorted natives would have been kicked, robbed and beaten for the crime of shopping while 'looking like BNP members'.

I don't think Telegraph or BBC news readers are going to be joining Casuals United or whatever en masse (or at all) when they read the story. But a few more multicultural illusions get dented each time, support for the BNP inches up incrementally, and the feedback continues.

UPDATE - here's someone who was in the area at the time.

I asked several people (white and Asian) what was going on. The response was invariably, "the BNP are in town". It doesn't take much for a general response like that to take on more substance. And once the police get in the way, they become the enemy - protecting the invisible BNP. (Of course we have heard exactly the same story from the right about the police protecting the Muslims.) And both are right!

Fair do's though. In what native community would a bunch of rioters go home when the local vicar chalked them off ?

Eventually an iman, an elder, came and was able to calm things down.


Anonymous the 1st said...

The smallest of provocations seems to set these guys off. Imagine what they would be like if nationalist terrorists blew-up a mosque?

Still think civil war is unlikely?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't necessarily require a bomb in a mosque.

All it would require would be 5 Korans burned outside mosques in major cities, and pandoras ethnic warfare box would be opened.


Anonymous said...

We will slide into war one step at a time, already are, as Laban has pointed out before. There doesnt need to be a given Archduke Ferdinand style flashpoint. But we will be able to look back and see a gradual accretion of events

Anonymous said...

I think there is always a point in time that marks the "no going back". Archduke Ferdinand, Bloody Sunday, etc etc. So there will be such a point in time, and I suspect it will be denoted by the fight-back rather than the low-level intimidation from our new neighbours that has been going on for years.

Anonymous said...

I think we should steer clear of the term civil war.

War between whites and non-whites must not be called civil war. Thats already conceding them some vague right to be here.