Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Few Shotgun Blasts From the Curate's Coppice

The IPPR are right !

An exodus of high-skilled immigrants leaving Britain should have us more worried than the current debate allows, a thinktank has claimed. Research from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) suggests the number of 're-migrants' - those who come to work in Britain but return to their country of origin soon afterwards - is set to remain on the increase for several years to come.

In the year to September 2008 the number of non-British nationals leaving the country rose by 30 per cent... It recommends that, as well as attracting these higher-skilled workers to come to Britain, ministers should consider doing more to dissuade them from returning home.

They came over here, stabbed the Poles the locals just didn't want to stab, and now they're off home !

A judge has issued police with a European Arrest Warrant in their hunt for a second man who has fled the country to avoid being jailed for an horrific knife attack in Bradford. Remigiusz Klata, 26, of Seaton Street, Barkerend, Bradford, was due to be sentenced yesterday. But the court was told he was believed to have fled bail to his native Poland having already admitted his part in the unprovoked attack on fellow countryman Artur Wojtowicz.

Mr Wojtowicz suffered multiple stab wounds to his shoulder and hand and was also struck by a bottle in a two-hour orgy of violence at his home in Newforth Grove, Bowling, Bradford, on February 17, 2007. After he had been stabbed with a kitchen knife, Mr Wojtowicz was urinated on by his attackers in a final act of indignity.

Rafal Kamil Krajewski, 31, then of Manningham Lane, Bradford, and Grzegorz Holubowicz, 29, of Parsonage Road, Tyersal, Bradford, were jailed for a total of 16 years at Bradford Crown Court last month. Sentencing went ahead in the absence of Krajewski, who is also on the run – again believed to be somewhere in Poland, after he skipped court bail last Christmas. Once caught he faces nine years in prison. At yesterday’s hearing, the court was told that absent accomplice Klata had previously pleaded guilty to attacking Mr Wojtowicz.

Recorder Jonathan Sandiford adjourned sentencing to the first available date after November 1 to give police more time to try to recapture Klata, as well as the missing Krajewski.

This story is another in the Reality 1, Satire 0 genre. Julie Bindel's not going to like it one bit.

The refusal to move a pre-operative transsexual prisoner from a men's jail to a women's prison is a violation of her human rights, says the High Court. Deputy Judge David Elvin QC quashed Justice Secretary Jack Straw's decision to keep the 27-year-old, who cannot be identified, in a male prison.

Referred to as "A", she is serving a life sentence for manslaughter and attempted rape, committed when a man.

That's up there with the schizophrenic strangler in the next black cab you stop :

London taxi drivers are planning to demonstrate against a paranoid schizophrenic killer being allowed to study to become a black-cab driver.

The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, strangled his wife in 2000 and was jailed indefinitely for manslaughter in 2001.
Just don't query the fare !

I've said before that the ire projected at the anti-immigration BNP would, in their absence, be projected at anti-immigration UKIP. Here's the kind of stuff you'd see - via former Euro-MEP Richard Corbett - he lost his seat when Nick Griffin got in, ironically.

Told you so department. Laban :

Now when Labour supporters talk about 'working class' or 'working people' - they are most often referring to NON-working people - the underclass - unemployed and unemployable despite the boom years.
News :

“It means they’ll save about £109 million on housing benefit,” said Mr Orr. “But against a spend of almost £16 billion a year this is marginal. For the 40% of tenants who pay their own rents the average saving would be about £1.36 a week. But, the majority of tenants we’ve spoken to would rather keep their services and see new homes built than have reduced rents."
Or, washing the golden stat from the mud - 60% of "social housing" tenants don't pay any rent. 60% !

Laban can remember the days when 'social housing' was full of people who worked for a living.

The website of David Rudkin - the Bromsgrove High School teacher and playwright who had a huge critical success, never quite to be repeated, with 'Afore Night Come'. Memory is failing, but I seem to remember playing bridge against him at Aston Fields Working Men's Club as was.

"the council is prepared to voluntarily grant a reasonable amount of expressions of freedom"

Decent of them, I'm sure.

The Orange Lodge will have to pay thousands of pounds in costs under secret plans being drawn up by police and council chiefs, if traditional parades continue.
The Scotsman can reveal that the Lodge will be warned that unless it contributes a share of the estimated annual £1.5 million policing bill, a new law restricting the number of marches could be invoked. The threat signals a tougher approach to the parades, especially in Glasgow, where city bosses have run out of patience after discovering that the city now hosts 250 parades every year – more than Belfast and Londonderry combined.

Glasgow city chiefs say financial penalties would also apply to Irish Republican marches which are increasing in number. Other councils, such as West Lothian and West Dunbartonshire, are understood to be observing developments and plan to introduce their own charges if the plan is invoked.

I can see the police's point. Idiots on either side try to disrupt the marches and it costs a bomb. But what price is freedom ? Couldn't the idiots be given exemplary sentences instead ? I suppose that's not the Scots way.


Martin said...


La Raza Hibernia are just as bad as the James Galway Appreciation Societies.

I think it was Johan Huizinga who stated that festas and festivals are the mark of profoundly primitive societies; he could have been writing with the Orange and Republican marches in mind.

Whenever one sees any of these sets of 'marchers' (the verb 'marching' seems inapposite to describe the waddling actions of groups of people many of whom are so fat that the layers of pink, pale flesh are bursting out of ersatz, toytown uniforms only fit to be worn by the sort of adults who never quite got over watching 'Mr. Benn') out on the street, their fat, ginger-thatched, drink-mottled faces burning with hatred, one always half expects to see Bill Oddie or David Attenborough jumping out and starting a piece to camera about the hazards of regressive genes.

A plague on both their houses.

JuliaM said...

"...she is serving a life sentence for manslaughter and attempted rape, committed when a man. "

Why does everyone conform to the fiction than this is now a woman?

It's still a man, it has just had surgery to give it the physical appearance of a woman.

Call me Infidel said...

Remigiusz sounds more Lithuanian than Polish to me not that it matters I suppose.
Agree with you JuliaM that creature is still a man no matter what modifications are made. What a sewer Britain has become.

The Jeremy Clarkson Tendency said...

Blimey, UKIP are even better than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Martin - under the current paradigm of British politics and media representation only Loyalists are allowed to be described in the terms you used.

Whereas Irish Republicans and their cultural activities represent a genuine heartfelt, even spontaneous, salt-of-the-earth working class response to white male/Protestant opression blah blah etc etc.

In light of this transgression -please leave your right to free speech and opinion at the door.

Anonymous said...

Ooops! That would be oppression.

Anonymous said...

The Anti-fascist campaigners were demonstrating against members of the English Defence League

Anti-fascist campaigners? I thought it was the Lahore branch of the Wu Tang Clan appreciation society.

Homophobic Horse said...

"I think it was Johan Huizinga who stated that festas and festivals are the mark of profoundly primitive societies"

That sentence has made my day thanks!

Rob said...

Looking at the pictures, I find it difficult to tell the anti-fascists from the "fascists". Oh, how I wish I had the BBC journalist's clarity of vision!

Mark said...


The transformation of council estates into reservations for the workless is probably not unconnected to the sentiments extruded 40 years ago in golf/tennis clubs across the land, and memorably encapsulated by yourself as 'the Jag parked outside the council house syndrome'.

Remember, the road to 60% of "social housing" tenants not paying full rents began with Peter Walker's Housing Finance Act, passed by the Heath government in 1972. This began the featherbedding of the unemployed and unemployable, at the expense of tenants who could 'pay their way'. The 1972 Act is an almost textbook example of the law of unintended consequences.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the idiots be given exemplary sentences instead ? I suppose that's not the Scots way.

I felt sure you were going to segue into the case of publicity-shy jet setter and recent re-migrant Mr Al Megrahi.