Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Miiaaooww !

The Very British Dude on the Commonwealth decision to expel Fiji :

It seems that the driving force behind this expulsion is the New Zealanders yet again. It has had another hissy fit over Fiji and its lack of democracy. Well New Zealand, you could always invade and restore it. That is you could once you've bought and trained the Air Force you scrapped to fly them there.

Oh, and made sure that your bullets have nice safe rubber tips so you don't injure your future All Blacks starting XV.


Anonymous said...

When did the Kiwis scrap their airforce?


It might not be the USAF, or even the RAF, but with NZ having a population about the same as Wales, that might be a bit excessive.

Anonymous said...

Ooops I take that back. It looks like the Kiwis have a population one and a half times as big as the Welsh.

Also, it seems the Fijian airforce amounts to one helicopter.

David said...

The Kiwis scrapped their FIGHTERS and BOMBERS. They are nothing more than a military airline/search and rescue and PR force.

Anonymous said...

Well I seem to vaguely remember Lewis Page making a case for scrapping the RAF in Lions Donkeys and Dinosaurs.

A lot of the time fast jets are just toys for the boys which don't have much use unless you want to fight Russia or China and when you have a restricted budget you could get more bang for your buck elsewhere.

Is it really very likely that NZ will fight Russia or China on its own?

Laban said...

Funny you should say that. The Yanks are I believe asking for tenders for a low cost ground attack fighter - something like the Tucano (or the Hawker Typhoon).

Anonymous said...

The RNZAF scrapped its few fast jets a while back.

I believe that some Kiwi pilots transferred to the RAF.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laban

Off topic, but have you seen Steve Sailer's latest post. It very much echos some of your favourite themes: