Friday, September 04, 2009

Edlington Child Attacks - Tomorrow's Guardian Editorial Today

Time to get out the all-purpose Guardian piece:

The natural horror felt at (insert appalling crime here) should not blind us to the fact that (crime is actually falling/it is all Thatcher's fault/such crimes have always been with us).

If we surrender to (the tabloid agenda/the Daily Mail hysteria/knee-jerk populism/the politics of the soundbite) and take the easy option of (jailing more of our young people/bringing back the birch/bringing back hanging/walling off the cities then bombing them/demonising our young people) we run the very real risk of (actually achieving something/alienating a generation/an invasion of killer bees).

There is only one answer. An enormous increase in the funding of (Sure Start schemes/outreach workers/emotional intelligence mentors/youth projects/anti-racist 5-a-day smoking cessation co-ordinators).


JuliaM said...

It's already being pointed out in various papers like the 'Indy' that these boys will benefit from the post-Bulger high court challenge and subsequent changes to the way children were handled by the courts.

As if that was supposed to be some great success story...

Ross said...

Laban, the Independent are stealing your material!