Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Anger And Offence" - They're All At It


The Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee will convene today to discuss the difficult events taking place in Acre and the decision of mayor Shimon Lankri to cancel the Fringe Theater Festival, which was scheduled to open in the city during the intermediate days of Sukkot.

Lankri claims the atmosphere of "anger and offense" among residents will not allow the festival to take place. However, committee chair Ophir Pines-Paz is certain the event is an important means of strengthening Acre's image as a cultural center and symbol of coexistence. "Canceling the festival is a prize for violence," Pines-Paz said.

The "difficult events" being the week of rioting since a young Arab man drove through a Jewish neighbourhood during Yom Kippur. Not only that, but with the car stereo on.

It's a good job Christians don't react like that when the Sabbath is profaned. There would be few car windows - or shop windows - unbroken in the country. However, we have our 'neighbourhoods' too. None of them are Christian, mind. It would be foolish to say that it could never happen here. In Brussels a couple of weeks back a vagrant was beaten up for drinking during Ramadan.