Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tony Pomeroy - Magistrate From Hell

Don't even think about getting a fair hearing from this idiot if you're a victim. Because he doesn't know a victim when he sees one.


Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable that he demanded the victim walk away from his very sick wife AND HIS OWN HOME. What an utter, utter c*nt.

Next time I hear a lefty say these cases are all made up, stuff this down his throat as far as it will go.

Bystander said...

1) JPs sit in threes, the chairman being the spokesman. The decision will have been a collective one.
2) They gave the defendant an Absolute Discharge - i.e. no penalty. In law they had to convict him but their view of the offence is reflected in the sentence.
3) Whether we like it or not, the advice given by Mr.Pomeroy was sensible. It is unwise to lay hands on a child however provoked you are, and however tempting it would be to belt the little bastard.

Laban said...

"It is unwise to lay hands on a child however provoked you are"

You'd better send the police round, then. I've done it on more than one occasion.

Anonymous said...


It might be so that the law says that they 'had to convict him' (which I doubt very much, I'm certain that they could have tossed the case out and no one would have dared insist that the guy was prosecuted) but you're doing your case no favours by trying to defend such a vile judgement.

Anonymous said...


An absolute discharge after months of harassment and waiting. The process is as much the punishment as the punishment itself.

As for your third point, his advice was not sensible, it was ludicrous. If you believe it is sensible for this man to have to 'walk away' from his own house and wife while this yob attacks her, then he will have to do the same thing the next day, and the next day. This little cunt wasn't going to stop, why should he? He has power over others, and a legal system which gives him absolute protection is only going to make him more likely to be an even bigger cunt.

In my opinion this man acted with astonishing restraint.

Anonymous said...

R Austin Freeman

from one of the Dr Thourndyke novels:

"The hooligan," pursued Thorndyke,
...,"covers a multitude of sins, ranging from highway robbery and assassination down to the criminal folly of the philanthropic magistrate, who seems to think that his function in the economy of nature is to secure the survival of the unfittest."

Anonymous said...

"In law they had to convict him..."

'Just following orders' takes fewer words to say, and means about the same...

Anonymous said...


1) So we have three utterly depraved bastards instead of just the one?

2) Please explain this, 'in law they had to' WHAT law are you referring to?

3) The advice offered by Mr Pomeroy was a brazen insult. I do not believe he was at all unaware he was telling Mr Toth that he should leave his wife to be tormented by an evil little thug. I think Pomeroy said what he did because he deliberately wanted to add insult to injury.

The Coppersblog Team said...

Bystander, we'd have more respect for this Magistrate if he'd criticised the CPS for bringing the case, and the appalling behaviour of the youth, and apologised to the defendant for convicting him while stressing that this was the minimum sentence provided for in law.
This is one more cut in our country's death of 1,000.