Saturday, October 11, 2008

Headline of the Week

What with the gay cannibal chef, Yorkshire's the place for criminal deviance these days.

Chef Anthony Morley, 36, repeatedly stabbed Damian Oldfield and slit his throat before carving off pieces of his leg and chest.

He then seasoned some of the leg meat with herbs, fried it in olive oil and chewed a chunk.
Yes, but what herbs ? Reminds me of the tragic events on the good ship Nancy Bell :

"So he boils the water, and takes the salt
And the pepper in portions true
(Which he never forgot) and some chopped shalot,
And some sage and parsley too.

"'Come here,' says he, with a proper pride,
Which his smiling features tell,
' 'Twill soothing be if I let you see,
How extremely nice you'll smell.'

Yet more criminal deviance - this depressing report from Dewsbury.

The taxi driver has three children. One is safely established in a respectable career, the other two are works in progress. “I don’t mind my kids having the odd drink,” he says. “But getting p***** like the lads I pick up... And the drugs! Muslim kids on drugs! Twenty years ago, if there was one Asian Muslim in Leeds Prison it would’ve been a scandal. Now, it’s full of Asians. It’s like they’ve adopted the worst bits of British culture.”

That's a comforting thought for a Dewsbury taxi driver, but it's not quite true. Criminality wasn't a part of British culture until thirty-odd years back - until around the same time the flow of immigrants from the subcontinent increased. It's not that the newcomers were criminal - on the contrary, they were intensely repectable and law-abiding. The two things were just symptoms of the same cultural collapse. A strong culture would have no use for criminals - and no desire for people to do "the jobs the natives won't do".