Thursday, October 16, 2008

Agreed !

Timothy Garton Ash - he say "don't decide on historical truth in a court of law".

Among the ways in which freedom is being chipped away in Europe, one of the less obvious is the legislation of memory. More and more countries have laws saying you must remember and describe this or that historical event in a certain way, sometimes on pain of criminal prosecution if you give the wrong answer. What the wrong answer is depends on where you are.

Agreed, agreed, agreed.

My kids are taught in school that Sacco and Vanzetti were innocent (they were guilty).

My council tells me that one woman in four is a victim of domestic violence and that a third of our food is thrown away.

CiF posters tell me that when the BNP vote goes up, racial attacks increase, or that thousands of British women were dying in back-street abortions before 1967.

For years I carried with me the tragic story of poor Hyacinth's lynching, so brilliantly described by Martha Gellhorn in "Justice At Night". She made it up.

An amateur historian, Jerry Brotton, claims that the Ottoman Empire was decisive in defeating the Armada.

All of these things I believe to be untrue. But I don't want people banged up for saying them (although I don't want my taxes to fund their propagation, either). Let us play the light of reason and historical enquiry upon such claims, as a high-pressure hose is turned upon anti-globalisation protesters.

Let a hundred flowers blossom, let a hundred schools of thought contend, as a famous mass-murdering dictator once said. Or was he the greatest revolutionary leader of the twentieth century ?

You decide. Not a court.


Anonymous said...

And lets not forget that elephant in a tutu twirling around the living room, the one you really can go to jail for questioning...

Anonymous said...

Rehgarding this post.

If, as some on the far right and far left would have it, those pesky Zionists control everything in their own interests, they're making a pretty poor fist of it - to put it mildly.

Its all relative. Look who comes out on top as the dust settles. British people have lost mi££ions, Iceland is wrecked and who pops up to buy at fire sale prices? Why its cheery Sir Philip Green! So now the UK high street is going to be dominated by someone from a certain middle eastern tribe.

A group whose members also happen to hold controlling interests in Tesco, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer and ASDA. Nothing like healthy competition eh!

Anonymous said...

"But the interaction of unease, welfare, an increasing cultural vacuum (though not on our scale) and post-colonial guilt have bred people who hate and despise the country they live in."

nah mate its not that complicated.
Its simple, when animals in the wild are young, they don't fight each other much, maybe play fighting but not serious.
When they reach sexual maturity they will do what they can to defeat the rivals to get most access to the females.
Lions will even kill the females cubs so she will become fertile once again, all this without any knowledge of genetics, its purely instinct.

Humans are similar, you can come up with all manner of reasons to try to explain the behaviour, but one group wants dominance over the other. Its perfectly natural we can't blame them for it.
What we can do is blame the idiots who believed that we could all live peacefully in this multi-cult fantasy world.

The reason the 1st generation didn't have as big a problem is that they were older when the immigrated and often already had families before they came so that adolescent rivalry wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

Where is it to stop? Much of the stuff passed off as Irish history seems to be an error-strewn sermon of race hatred agin' the English. Should it be banned?

Laban said...

I'm tempted to delete the anonymous post, but just this once I'll humour you :

"Look who comes out on top as the dust settles"

You're saying that trashing everything on the assumption that you're most likely to come out on top is a rational thing to do. I'd disagree - it would be a very high risk strategy indeed. You win incremental improvement - one freezer company - you could lose a lot more. It don't make sense.

Similarly with mass immigration.
We're approaching a time where the reaction of British Muslims is likely to be a major factor in future British foreign policy decisions. Perhaps you'd like to explain exactly how that helps the state of Israel - 'cos I don't see that it does.

Mr Cock-Up and his mate Mr Unintended Consequence, along with the collapse of British (Christian) culture, provide all the necessary explanations for what's happened in the last 60-odd years. You don't NEED to add Mr Conspiracy (just an amateur by comparison) to explain things. Occam's Razor.

Laban said...

I forgot to say. ASDA is owned by Wal-Mart. Tesco, M&S and Sainsburys were founded by British Jews, but as far as I know no-one was forced to shop there - they grew by being good business people. They're all now public companies.

M&S and Sainsburys are now on a downward slide, Iceland isn't that good a store, and the best - and fastest-growing - supermarket in the UK is that founded by that son of Yorkshire William Murdoch Morrison.

Laban said...

Future Zionist conspiracy comments will be chopped without warning or explanation btw. There's a reason why comments weren't open on that post.

Anonymous said...

We're approaching a time where the reaction of British Muslims is likely to be a major factor in future British foreign policy decisions. Perhaps you'd like to explain exactly how that helps the state of Israel - 'cos I don't see that it does.

Yes, I've seen the Mark Steyn claim that this is what kept France out of Iraq as well. But as a Frenchman pointed out to me, they are in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

I was that anon Laban.

Im not claiming a zionist conspiracy. But I suspect some ethnic groups tend to act in a way that they feel benefits their group. By some happy coincidence we have been persuaded that, by and large, as we dont even exist, we are merely individuals free to choose between competeing shop brands.

ASDA is owned by Walmart. Who controls Walmart? Try looking into that.

I didnt mention Morrisons precisely because its the odd one out.

Anonymous said...


Did you read the post by MoveanyMountain on the TGA article? He/she states rather convincingly that the whole schtick about how white Australia kidnapped Aboriginal children en masse is an out and out myth.

Interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice how nearly all the CIF posters seemed to think we were fighting the Crimean war against the Turks.

The Irish (at least the academic community) seem to have come to the sensible conclusion that it was six of one and half a dozen of the other for most of recorded history.