Sunday, October 12, 2008

News via Google (again)

Getting hits for "gang attack in monk road, alum rock, birmingham".

And lo and behold

Teenager seriously hurt in attack.

A teenager has been seriously injured in an attack in the West Midlands which involved a number of people. Police were called to Alum Rock Road in Birmingham on Saturday at 1710 BST, where they found the 16-year-old. He is thought to have had head injuries. He is in hospital where his condition is described as stable. Police said a number of people were thought to be involved but details were unclear.
The Alum Rock area has featured in police anti-terror raids - to the point where the Birmingham Mail feels the need to report that "People living in Alum Rock today urged others not to feel wary of visiting the Birmingham suburb." It's also where Christian evangelists were threatened with arrest by a PCSO for preaching the Gospel.

Doubtless all will be made clear in time.

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Anonymous said...

Alum Rock Road seems to be a place to avoid if you walk on four legs as well as two: