Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gordon Brown - World Leader

As I said - "events, dear boy, events".

Who would have thunk it ? Three weeks ago you couldn't turn on the telly or open a paper without seeing that nice Mr Cameron or the lovely Samantha. It was a close call in the media bashing stakes between Gordon Brown and Gary Glitter.

Now Gordon bestrides the financial world like a colossus - with Europe and America following him. Gordonomics has raised the Nikkei by 14% in one session where Paulson and Bush's interventions brought continued collapse.

In some ways he's been more of a world leader than Blair ever was - and what were the odds on that ever happening ?

It won't last. As far as I can see he wants to solve the crisis by restoring the property overvaluation - in which case we may get another collapse in a few more years. The British economy is still completely knacked - more than ever at this level of government borrowing. Manufacturing shot, education shot, criminal justice shot, culture shot, huge tax-funded ('child poverty') demographic change with all the potential for civil strife that brings.

But he's at least given me a breathing space in which to liquidate a chunk of my shareholdings, fortify the house, dig a cellar and a well and invest in gold, a rotovator, and several thousand tins of beans. Cheers mate !

UPDATE - various commenters have accused me of "following the BBC cheerleading" etc and generally having an incorrect attitude to the worst Chancellor in the worst Government since the Baldwin/Chamberlain years.

Let me put your mind at rest. GB has been, and is, a disaster. If by some tragedy he were to win the next election a grievious thing 'twould be. And his 'reforms' won't solve our problems - maybe not even his problems.

Nonetheless it would be churlish not to acknowledge that in this crisis he IS leading - and is seen by others to be leading. It may just be chance that indices plunged following both the rejection and the acceptance of the Paulson plan, where Gordon's second, nationalising stab at the issue has produced a measure of market recovery. I believe that he's doing more or less what the Swedes did in the early 90s. But ... in the country of the financially blind ...Maybe he's just lucky. So far.


Anonymous said...

Regarding apocalyptic predictions - how many years should pass before you can determine whether your fears were realistic or not?

One year? Five years? Ten? Twenty?

William said...

You can't plant baked beans, they just don't grow.

Anonymous said...

The question is, will Gordo have the balls to call an election NOW (or as soon as the immediate dust has settled).

It would be his only chance.

But perhaps he doesn't want to get stuck with the next bust which his money-printing and borrowing antics will bring on much sooner than most people think.

Anonymous said...

Praising Gordon for the last few days is like backslapping the arsonist because later he came back to throw some water on your burning house. Gee, thanks.

This is the guy who created the regulatory system which ignored the fact that our banks were investing billions in worthless US debt, and throwing 125% mortgages to people at the height of the property-boom-that-will-not-happen-on-Gordon's-watch, and sending a dozen credit card offers a day through council house doors all over Britain.

I mean, what business of it was his that our banks went mad? He was only Chancellor of the Exchequer, after all.

This is the guy who sold all our gold at an historic low.

This is the guy who has been firehosing our tax money at unreconstructed public services, to the point that now it's monsoon season and we can't even afford an umbrella from the Pound Shop.

Please, please let's not buy into the BBC-led newstory of Gordo The Mighty. The guy's a dickhead, and this fact needs to be repeated, as often as possible, to as many people as possible.

Harry J said...

In some ways he's been more of a world leader than Blair ever was - and what were the odds on that ever happening ?

Please don't tell me you've fallen for all the manipulation. Brown has never 'been in charge'. He just dances to the tune of his Masonic masters and always has done. We were sold a story of Gordon the incompetent and now we're being sold another one.

It bears repeating, this is a completely manufactured 'global crisis' that will result in a 'global solution'. Just one more step towards the New World Order.


Anonymous said...

I blame the lizards.

Harry J said...

Do you really Bookworm or are you just referring to 'lizards' as a way of dismissing any notion of a wide ranging conspiracy to create a fascist (and I don't use the word lightly) 'One World Government'?

Harry J said...

Laban, I know you have an interest in things educational. This video may be about America but exactly the same is true here.


Anonymous said...

GB nodded through the sale of Land Rover/Jaguar to an Indian company a year or so ago at the same time as pledging £800 million to help the poor in India, while standing aside and letting what remained of Rover go to the wall.

If only the Rover group had been a bank eh!

Anonymous said...

No, GB is not leading in this at all.
He is implementing EU policy while pretending it is his own, which is how the whole EU project works.
Politics of denial