Friday, September 07, 2007

Olchfa School

It's a big comprehensive, just down the road from my aunt, twixt Sketty and Killay.

When the head of year 9 had a stand-up at home with his sixteen-year-old daughter over the hours she kept, she told friends at school he'd punched and kicked her. So the governors sacked him - a teacher with 31 years service. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

His daughter Sioban - who was a pupil at the school - allegedly told friends he had punched and kicked her, the tribunal has been told. A police investigation was carried out and Mr Aldridge was arrested but no charges were brought. He was later dismissed by school governors after an internal investigation.

The teacher, who was also head of year nine, previously admitted there had been an "exchange of slaps" between himself and Sioban. Mrs Aldridge told the tribunal both her husband and daughter were cut during the argument, which started after Sioban returned home late for the second night in a row.

The first night being 3.30 am, the second midnight.

Of course, when your daughter stays out and then gives you lip, a parent should never physically chastise her. We can all see that the responsible thing to do would have been to change the locks on the house, then drive her down to social services offices and explain that you can no longer cope. We all know that smacking your child could do dreadful physical and emotional harm, whereas social services have a shining record in caring for difficult adolescents.

As for Siobhan Aldridge, who's managed to get her father sacked, at least she's got her youth to plead in mitigation of her disgusting betrayal. What excuse have the governors (whose names are by strange chance not on the school website) got ?


Mercurius Aulicus said...

The Pavlik Morozov Medal goes to Sioban Aldridge.

Anonymous said...

Knowing South Wales, I would imagine that there were at least fifteen feuds going on here, and this was payback time against the head teacher.

The authorities win both ways - even if the tribunal finds against them, it isn't their money they have to pay out. No-one will lose their job, no-one will be reprimanded, everyone will instead "take full responsibility" and will "learn all of the lessons".

Anonymous said...

Since it is a State School it can be served with a Freedom of Information Request to furnish the names of Governors


I was a former pupil at Olchfa School and was taught by Mr Aldrige - he was a fantastic teacher and he should be commended for his years of teaching and treated with the respect - rather than dismissed as a no body.


Olchfa 2

Roderic Ashley:
Proprietor of Ashley Associates and Partner in CATS (Consultancy and Training Services).
Consultant to a large number of public sector and private sector bodies.
Council Member BBC Wales; Honorary Lecturer University of Wales Swansea; Fellow of Royal Society of Arts; Chair of Governors, Olchfa Comprehensive School, Committee Member, RSA; Trustee, International Education and Resource Network.

Roderic Ashley (Swansea) is married with two adult daughters and is a Partner in CATS consultancy. Born in Bristol, Rod was a teacher / teacher-trainer, but has worked in education consultancy for twelve years. Embracing the five strands of the RSA's mission, Rod's main focus is skills development and collaboration between learning providers to enhance learning and participation in society. He has written/co-written over 30 publications on education, management and employability. He is an Honorary Lecturer at Swansea University, Chair of Governors of Olchfa Comprehensive School, a Council Member of BBC Wales and a Trustee of the global education network, i-earn UK

Anonymous said...

My name is Amy Grove, and i was taught by Mr Aldrige during my G.C.S.E's, he's one of the most down to earth, honest, caring and hard working teachers i have ever met, and i think that maybe his daughter should stop being such a spolit little girl!!

Richard said...

Mr Aldridge or John as he is now probably more commonly known was my head of year and also my maths teacher so I have quite etxtensive experienc of the man. Contrary to the more popular opinion of him on here, I found him to be quick tempered, abbrasive and bullying. When I was 11 years old (and I wa small 11 year old to) he threw a gcse text book in my face full pelt for talking (admittedly I shouldn't have been talking but still a little extreme wouldn't you say?) He always seemed to target a very small percentage of pupils, that way he kept his 'anger venting techniques' below radar. Personally I feel sorry for his daughter.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the previous commenter about taking out his anger on a small percentage of pupils - I was the the target of an appalling rant, aggressive and inappropriate, he made over 20 years ago. He obviously thought we were alone as it was lunchtime, but there were witnesses in the adjacent room.

Anonymous said...

Saw this thread whilst searching fit something else return Olchfa and it is many years old so unlikely anyone will reply but let's be honest how many teachers at Olchfa in the 70's were a bit over the top in their reactions/tempers. Quite a few that I can remember... Dai Bill, Aldridge,Hopkins, Deputy Davies, Jefford etc etc

Anonymous said...

Some auto correct errors there...searching for something else... Re should have said..... I could add Iris Williams, plus a few more..