Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More On Stephen Sedley

I'm presuming this is papa - someone tell me if I'm wrong :

Bill Sedley

Born in 1910 in London of a Jewish immigrant family, Bill Sedley became a graduate in economics and law. He operated a legal advice service in the East End of London in the 1930s. Sedley was especially known for his defence of tenants’ rights in 1938-9 and for providing support for squatters’ rights and mortgage strikes after the war.

He founded the firm of lawyers of Seifert and Sedley in the 1940s with Sigmund Seifert and was a life-long Communist and supporter of the Morning Star even until his last days; he died in 1985.

Morning Star July 7th 1985

Stephen Sedley doesn't like George Orwell.

According to this Staggers piece on radical lawyers young Stephen was indeed a communist. They also say :

Some of the radical lawyers, though not all, had a grounding in Marxist politics. The chambers Cloisters was known as the Kremlin, the firm Seifert Sedley generally regarded as communist.

While not quite making the connection twixt Seifert Sedley and Stephen Sedley. But if you google "Seifert stephen sedley" you find quite a few cases where Seifert Sedley's man in court is one Stephen Sedley. This one, for instance, where "Stephen Sedley QC" is representing the plaintiff, the late Blair Peach, on behalf of Seifert Sedley.

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