Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just A Thought ...

The exit from Basra isn't a clearing the decks operation, is it ? On the grounds that the Shias are going to be pretty cross if/when Iranian nuclear plants get clobbered ?

Probably not. Probably just Gordon showing he's not Tony.


timmyhawk said...

One never knows of course, but all things considered probably just the continuation of the policy of gradual draw-down that's been ongoing for about two years I'd say. Thing is, and I find this quite difficult to figure out, have the troops achieved some success, can they not achieve anything more anyway or have our rulers decided they're not willing to give the political and financial support necessary any more? I know they're very keen on rerouting the troops to Afghanistan, and I don't really see they'll be in a much better position there in case of Iranian retaliation.

Anonymous said...

having 500,000 Iranian soldiers invading after the nuke facilities are bombed would probably end up with the 5,000 lads being massacred.

better to get them out of the way i suppose.