Monday, September 03, 2007

A Few Old Paint Tins From The Curate's Skip

Michael Portillo, born-again liberal, on immigration :

The biggest single change in postwar Britain is the transformation in who the British are.

The new diversity of races and religions makes a big difference to life in the UK. Some places have changed their appearance and norms of behaviour entirely. Many people will applaud the transformation for the diversity and enrichment that it has brought. But if the alteration of Britain can be presented in such positive terms, then it is all the more remarkable that it has occurred without the British people’s consent being sought.

There are many things in life that are commendable in small quantities, but pernicious in large ones. Why should immigration be any less debatable than tax? If one quarter of the UK’s new babies now have a foreign parent, is it fine to argue that it would be preferable if it were one in two, but disgraceful to suggest that one in eight would be better ?

His conclusion ? it's probably not good that the subject's pretty much off limits, but the Tories lost the last two elections, so there you are.

More on Open Britain - health tourism :

A confidential internal report on health tourism estimates that the bill for treating foreign patients amounts to at least £62 million a year, The Times has learnt.

The figure is “bound to be an underestimate” since new rules intended to prevent the abuse of the NHS by foreign patients are being ignored, according to the report.

Surprise surprise - maternity and HIV seem to be big targets. Does maternity also feature a 'free citizenship' bonus, which with extra 'right to family life' has the possibility of opening up residence to the parents as well ?

As we leave Basra, is the surge working in Baghdad ?

Peter Oborne on the corruption of the British political class.

I learned to swim late in life, in my mid-twenties, and having done so learned to dive here - they had a 10 metre platform in those days, the height Olympic divers use. Now it's 5m - and there are only six 10m platforms left in the whole UK, with the obvious effect upon the sport. Our old friend health and safety seems to be the culprit.


Anonymous said...

Quite a change in tone from when Portillo was questioning Nick Griffin on Radio Four’s Moral Maze recently.

Via EUReferendum there is an article by Professor James Kurth which is pertinent in parts. To quote: the West, radical demographic change means that the prospect for greater peace and tranquility abroad is dialectically and diabolically connected to the prospect for greater conflict and violence at home.

Current social attitudes and demographic trends in the West suggest that there will be a continuation of low reproduction rates among Western peoples and therefore a severe decline in their populations. Conversely, there will be a continuation of high immigration of non-Western peoples into the Western nations and of higher reproduction rates among the non-Western communities in the West than among the Western peoples themselves. This will have major consequences not only for the military strategies of the Western nations but for their national security—and even identity.

The most dramatic consequences are likely to occur in Europe, where most of the non-Western populations will be Muslim. ... Many European countries will become two nations, and Europe as a whole will become two civilizations. The first will be a Western civilization or, more accurately, given Europeans’ rejection of many Western traditions, a post-Western civilization comprised of people of European descent. It will be secular, even pagan, rich, old, and feeble. The second will be the non-Western civilization, descended from non-European peoples. It will be religious, even Islamic, poor, young, and vigorous. It will be a kind of overseas colony of a foreign civilization, a familiar occurrence in European history, but this time the foreign civilization will be the umma of Islam and the colonized country will be Europe itself. The two civilizations will regard each other with mutual contempt. In the new civilization, there will be a growing rage, and in the old civilization, there will be a growing fear. These will be the perfect conditions for endemic Islamic terrorism, urban riots, and mob violence: an Islamist insurgency within Europe itself.

... European nations could experience in their homelands and from a Muslim minority of 10 percent or more a version of what France experienced in its Algerian colony from a Muslim majority of 90 percent. And the European population will have no place to retreat to. The Basque guerrillas in Spain, the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, and the Muslim insurgents in India (Kashmir) are largely concentrated in a particular territory, making territorial secession seem like a viable objective. That is not the case with the Muslim community within Europe.

... in our era of low birth rates, there are not that many young men of the majority around.

When a militant, violent minority community confronts a militant, violent majority community, the outcome will be clear—so clear that the minority is usually sensible enough not to become militant and violent in the first place. The outcome is less certain when a minority community confronts a majority that is only one in the numerical sense— just a conglomeration of little groups and isolated individuals who define themselves by ideologies like multiculturalism, diversity, or expressive individualism.

For the nations of the West, which have arrived at this historically unprecedented state, a viable strategy for the nation is no longer really possible because they are no longer really nations at all.

Laban said...

I looked on EU Ref but I couldn't find where Richard and Helen link to this article.

Anonymous said...

From comment of permanentexpat .

This grim scenario seems somewhat reminiscent of the Global Strategic Trends of Rear Admiral Parry of the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC), a Directorate General within the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Anonymous said...

'changed their norms of behavior entirely'. I like that. I also like 'it has occurred without the British people's consent being sought'

Two bullseyes in one paragraph!!

I see Thames overflowing with much blood.Soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with James Kurth.
Whats more Europe wont be able to fight back even if they want to out of fear of much of the Middle East in the future armed with nuclear weapons.

Although one thing that makes it less certain is that Pakistani gangs and Somali gangs fight each other.
I think rather than it being old Europe vs Muslim Europe it will more likely be much more complicated, as Europe divides into fiefdoms.

Anonymous said...

Dave wrote “... Although one thing that makes it less certain is that Pakistani gangs and Somali gangs fight each other.
I think rather than it being old Europe vs Muslim Europe it will more likely be much more complicated, as Europe divides into fiefdoms.”

In Los(t) Angeles there are a large number of inter-racial murders. As whites are typically not the perpetrators these murders receive very little coverage in the USA or the UK. For example

in Latino Gang Targets African-Americans for Murder .

See here for a partial list. Whites abandoned Los(t) Angeles some time ago.

According to OFSTED approximately one quarter of primary school children in England are ethnic minority. According to recent UK statistics one quarter of births are now to foreign born mothers, which implies that rather more than a quarter are born to ethnic minority parents. The people like Michael Portillo, Billy Brag and their ilk in the Western world do not live with the results of their exhortations, they only make a living by them. Their collective behaviour is well described in The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail. For a very brief overview see here

paul ilc said...

Btw, Portillo and wife are deliberately childless.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase that evil bastard Stalin, 'how many divisions do European Muslims have?'

What would happen to these so called Muslim enclaves if the electricity/gas/water supply was to be cut off?

Anonymous said...

actually anon, a large amount of the French and I think it was Dutch (but some other EU country) military are Muslim.

Anonymous said...

How Much Will You Pay To Live Near People Like You?

To quote: ”researchers find that, conditional on income, households prefer to self-segregate on the basis of both race and education.

Another straw on the MultiCulti Camel’s back. At the same time David Cameron is suggesting bussing inner-city children to village schools and American schools are re-segregating despite bussing.