Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fertility By Ethnic Origin

Richard Berthoud in the 2001 ONS Population Trends 104, page 14 estimates the following total fertility (live births/female by age 45)

white 1.8
Afro-Caribbean 1.8
Indian 2.3
Pakistani 4.0
Bangladeshi 4.7

As Berthoud says "If the overall trend in Britain is from ‘old fashioned family values’ towards ‘modern individualism’, it can be argued that of the principal minority groups, South Asians, and especially Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, are behind the trend, with very high rates of marriage and of fertility, while Caribbeans are ahead of the trend, with high and rising rates of single parenthood."


Anonymous said...

Love the way the other groups actually have an identity but I'm just a colour

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I pointed out that Asian's made up only 25% of 'foreign births', despite having a much larger population and having a higher birth rate than 'whites' and Afro-Caribbeans.

Anonymous said...

60% Bangladeshis live on Benefits so the Child Tax Credit obviously stimulates (re-)production.....then again population is the one thing Bangladesh has been good at since 1971

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I pointed out that Asian's made up only 25% of 'foreign births',

That was either your error or attempt to deceive. The figures stated that 25% births were to "a foreign parent"..but anyone who is naturalised British is not "foreign" and over ONE MILLION have acquired British Citizenship since Labour relaxed the rules

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Anonymous, foreign born Pakistanis are only 0.56% of the population but yet 2.4% of all births in Britain are to foreign born Pakistani mothers.

That's a rate over 400% higher than their proportion to the population.

Foreign born Bangladeshis are 0.27% but 1.4% of all births in Britain are to foreign born Bangladeshi mothers.

That's a rate over 500% higher than their proportion to the population.

Let's not downplay these numbers.

Numbers of foreign born:
Born Abroad

Birth statistics (page 79 of 106)

Anonymous said...

2.4% of all births in Britain are to foreign born Pakistani mothers.

50% + of all marriages with Muslims in Bradford are to imported women from Pakistan or Bangladesh....they have 3-4 children in quick succession and glide around Bradford dressed like ninjas in winding sheets

Students experience the multi-ethnic/multicultural context of local maternity services.

Anonymous said...

Tangentially relevant is, of all children treated for recessive gene birth defects on the NHS, slightly over 31% are the results of first cousin marriages - from generations of first cousin marriages - of Pakistanis. Bradford MP Ann Cryer is trying to get first cousin marriages outlawed as incest and she is right to do so because the habit is primitive and the products of those unions are expensive.

Thirty-one per cent of recessive gene birth defects arising from ??? (as the figures are so well disguised) - perhaps 4%? - of the population. Perhaps the money would be better spent on breast cancer treatment and Alzheimer's medication for Britons who have a stake, through having paid into it, in the NHS.

[Pakistani birth defect figures from The Telegraph, although I didn't save the link. About a year ago.]

Anonymous said...

So would it be fair to conclude that Britain is a country of faggots and weepy women? You seem to be turning your country over to a motley gaggle of greatly unlike foreigners, with really little regard for your traditional demographic and cultural heritage. As if it had no value, and might as well be tossed on the well known scraphead of history.