Saturday, May 12, 2007

David Davies MP

Appears to do the walk as well as the talk.


Anonymous said...

We live in times when we can be arrested for possession of a knife with a blade greater than 3 inches.

We have a terrorist alert.

Yet policemen outside London are rarely armed and the paucity of police cover is stunning. If you consider that this populated area is covered by a couple of policemen 40 minutes drive away and they are occupied usually in the multi-culti drug den where they are based.

Disarm the natives, then have the District Commissioner pay occasional visits to the district when not spending his time confabulating with the Governor.

It really does feel like a Colonial Administration round here

Anonymous said...

Well done, that MP. One little question nags away at me, and I should probably hang my head in shame for asking it, as I have no evidence to back up my suspicions. What was the ethnicity of the culprit?
I DO hope I'm wrong, and it would be comforting to be thoroughly trounced on this one...