Sunday, May 06, 2007

Reid Quits

Adam Boulton

The Home Secretary's bombshell announcement - and its timing, coming in between Labour's drubbing at the polls and Tony Blair announcing his departure - looks like a calculated and deliberate snub to his old foe the Chancellor.

The obvious conclusion is that Dr Reid simply doesn't want to be part of a Gordon Brown government. And although his announcement shocked and stunned MPs, he must have told Tony Blair that he was planning to go, because within minutes of the Reid announcement, No 10 released a glowing tribute to Mr Blair's loyal ally.

Is this the first known case of the rat leaving the ship before it's actually set sail ?


Anonymous said...

I think he's leaving now before Josef Brown sacks him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is planning a leadership bid.
After the big defeat in Scotland maybe he thinks an alternative to Brown would be a good idea.

It seems odd for him to quit now though, isn't he in the middle of splitting up the home office?
More chaos, which will result in more serious problems.

dearieme said...

Reculer pour mieux sauter?

Anonymous said...

He's betting that Labour will continue to decline in the polls under Brown. After a while Labour MPs will start to panic about losing their seats and look for a senior Labour figure to take over.

Anonymous said...

Will Mrs Boulton be leaving Blair Petroleum now that the NuLabour Peer has flown the coop ?

I am fascinated to see which journalists and TV personages disappear once the regime changes

Anonymous said...

Or leaving Mr Boulton, lol.

Would you be supprised?