Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Nation Fit For Criminals

Wonderfully revealing BBC story of the mafia wife returning to the UK from Italy after plea-bargaining for a suspended sentence. Hubby's doing 30 years for for drug trafficking and murder.

"This experience has destroyed me. In Agrigento jail I was kept in isolation and only had a shower three times a week.

"But the worst thing was the isolation. It was inhumane.

"In England, prison was completely different. It was like being in a hotel - we had a pool, I was able to use the phone and my children visited me.

"Now I just want to get back to my children.

"I won't have to work as the State will look after us and pay for us until my daughter is 16 years old."

UPDATE - Guardian

"She admitted the facts of mafia association. It was difficult for her to do otherwise because it was all on tape from the intercepted telephone conversations."


Anonymous said...

Surrender to the barbarians at the gate. It's a popular option these days. Too bad twizzly Tony and his fat wife will never be exposed to what they have wrought.

I haven't given up on the black candles.

Anonymous said...

A former senior probation officer, David Fraser gives an inside view of the system in

A Land Fit for Criminals


is out at the end of the month, which may be a better buy as the hardback is 528 pages and in need of editing, whereas the paperback is 248 pages.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of crime have a look at this:
The ability of the left to defy reality defies belief.

Anonymous said...

This might be easier to see:


Anonymous said...

Who is raping whom? I am not aware of UK figures. However the Bureau of Justice in the USA published a victim survey, linked in the following article:
The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States

There was a recent BBC radio 4 program about rape where they mentioned a DVD containing self-defence etc. No mention was made about the likely profile of an attacker. Link anyone?

A Home Office report on
Lambeth street crime

On page 25 they state “Ethnicity and street crime could easily become a highly
emotive issue and for this reason data needs to be handled with special care.” For Lambeth In particular see the table 3.5 on page 26. There we have black suspects 86%, white suspects 10%, Asian suspects 0%; black victims 12%, white victims 79%, Asian victims 7%.

Table 3.6 on page 27 states for Lambeth that the population is black 31%, white 57%. This suggests that there are roughly three times more black suspects and three times less black victims than their proportion in the population. Not a valid statistical analysis but has anyone have a link to one?

Anonymous said...

hey, Verity

was it you I spotted amongst the 18,000 naked people in Mexico City's main squre for Spencer Tunick's latest artwork?

I could have sworn I recognised you...

James Higham said...

Crime? What crime? Just a misunderstanding really.

Anonymous said...

Hey Artie - You must be a little slow on comprehension. Surely you could divine from my posts here and elsewhere that not only do I loathe pretension, but "modern art" and "performance art" and "happenings", the Tracy Emins of this world, and other appurtenances of talent-free attention-seekers.

Anonymous said...

Also, WTF is Spencer Tunick? It is rhetorical. Don't bother to enlighten me.