Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sacred Cows

I'll be interested to see how this one plays out :

The animal, called Shambo, is kept by the Skandavale Temple in Llanpumsaint, south west Wales. The authorities insist it must be culled after testing positive for the cattle disease, which can be transmitted to humans.

But the Hindu Forum of Britain has promised to form a human chain around the temple to save the bull, which Hindu chiefs insist is isolated and in a healthy condition. The temple has promised to keep the animal, which will never enter the food chain, in isolation for the rest of its life but requests for a reprieve have been rejected.

The legal battle over Harriet the pet cow was still ongoing when she fell ill and died earlier this year. Whether MI5 or Ben Bradshaw poisoned her none can say, but I hope they tested for polonium. As far as I recall the government were adamant that she must die.

Like Harriet, the sacred bull of Shiva will never enter the food chain. But 'it's the regulations'.


Anonymous said...

The EU would get very upset and refuse any compensation if Welsh farmers suffered a bovine TB outbreak and Government is very keen on not giving its money to farmers

Anonymous said...

Luckily for the Government they are facing a non-violent religion. If it was a certain other one, they'd have caved in years ago. In fact, the cow would have got half a million to set up an "education centre".

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Hindus should offer Tony a photo-opportunity with little Shambo..?

One more thing to stick on Gordon on the way out!

Anonymous said...

Bit late for Tony, JuliaM, but Dave would love to slot in! He could show his empathy for the bovine race, for the Hindu religion ... what's not to love?