Monday, May 07, 2007

Cruddas Tackles The Issues

"The BNP’s failure to gain seats in last week’s elections masks worrying levels of support says deputy leadership candidate for the Labour Party, Jon Cruddas MP.

The MP for Dagenham said there are underlying issues that are driving people to the BNP which must be urgently addressed."

Mr Cruddas was speaking at a rally calling for an amnesty for illegal immigrants.


Anonymous said...

That rural Dorset-dweller Billy Bragg was also at the rally. He of course can afford to be tolerant as the "undocumented migrants" will not be moving to his neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cruddas appears to be what used to be known in less enlightened times and somewhat unkindly as 'stupid'.

Fulham Reactionary said...

The real problem with Cruddas, and others who attempt to "address peoples' concerns", is that they believe that those concerns are motivated solely by economic factors - employment, housing, etc. What they don't seem to understand is that, while these are, of course, matters that concern people, the primary reason why people object to mass immigration is that it undermines their culture and way of life. Put simply, people feel, with considerable justification, that Britain is being turned into a foreign country.
This issue is never actually addressed by leftists like Cruddas, principally because they don't really have any conception of what it is to feel an attachment to one's country and heritage. This, combined with the leftist tendency to reduce everything to a matter of economic interests, means that, while Cruddas may have the best intentions, he cannot truly understand peoples' concerns, and therefore cannot respond appropriately to them.

Anonymous said...

If they were consistent they would offer each legal resident up to £400.000 to emigrate from Britain and make room for all these "worthies" from abroad.........Britain has long been a land of emigration, and even the 1929 Labour Government tried to encourage the unemployed to leave for Canada

Anonymous said...

"...while Cruddas may have the best intentions,.."

Ha! Cruddas has the best intentions, all right.....for Cruddas!.

The man is a self-serving little weasel, even cnsidering the usual low standard for local Labour MPs...

Fulham Reactionary said...


Yes, with hindsight that phrase does jar slightly. What I should have said was that, even if he had the best intentions, still he would not be able to respond to peoples' concerns. Of course, as you say, that's a pretty big 'if'.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot on Mr Reactionary.

We must all remember to put our hands over our ears and chant the holy mantra:

Economics is everything, all else is illusion

Economics is everything, all else is illusion

Economics is everything, all else is illusion

Anonymous said...

fr is not spot on. "It" isn't about culture. "It" is about ethnicity and ethnic interests. The post-war invasion of England is GENETIC, not cultural. What does it matter if we keep pictures of Mer Magesty in the loo, drink tea and warm beer and watch re-runs of Dad's Army if we are a different people.

Wake up. Think clearly. Don't fall into the well-prepared trap of defending yourself against charges of "racism". It is racist to deny us our moral right to our own ancestral homeland. It is normal and healthy to insist upon it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Guessed Worker. The socialists have made double-speak so normal, so automatic, that people are stunned and disconcerted when they hear the plain truth. Britain is being stolen from its rightful owners - against their will. No one except hardcore Trots, which this cabinet is, thinks British brilliance,inventiveness and sense of humour would be improved by large swathes of islamics dumped onto our island.

I think we need to start talking openly about mass reverse immigration.

By and large the small population of Hindus has advanced our national wealth. Obviously, hte same goes for British Jews, who bring plenty to the table, plus they have acculturated. The islamic ethos and religion is not benign, isn't productive and doesn't fit in to a country that adheres to liberty and democracy.

Anonymous said...


the problem is that immigration is subsidised (by extortion funding of schools, hospitals and the failure reward system).

As an economic rule a Subsidy ensures a higher volume but the "hidden" cost is lower quality.

I would hope the UK decides to do an OZ and deter immigration from low quality applicants.

Anonymous said...

Aniticitizenone - It is not just Oz!!! The US has always had draconian immigration requirements. If the economy doesn't need you, or you have a criminal record of any kind, you don't get in. Even liberal Canada has requirements.

Britain takes the swill that can't get accepted anywhere else.

Personally, I don't want them polluting my beautiful country. Why would a highly developed civilised country that invented civic hygeine and just about every public service want hordes of primitives clogging up the works.

As I said, I believe reverse immigration looms. Meanwhile, I'm sorry, but no baby with a birth defect that was born to incestuous - first cousin - parents should be treated free on the NHS. That we are accommodating such primitive habits is mind-boggling.

Anonymous said...

Guessedworker, culture is a proxy for race, always has been.
When people like laban, fh, etc keep wining about foreign cultures displacing the English traditional way of life, they quite obviously aren't talking about English people adopting foreign ways (as thats not whats happening) they are talking about foreign people.

Throughout history wars over 'culture' and religion were mostly just the excuses for a racial war.

And verity, if you think we should deport people you are not a libertarian, as they are radical individualists who avoid recognising group characteristics at all.

Anonymous said...

Verity, where do get this idea that the US is tough on immigration.

That may have been true once, now its "roll up, roll up!".

Anonymous said...


Surely this country (England not Scotland or Wales) has already been polluted?

Anonymous said...

Foxy Brown - haven't got the faintest what you are talking about.

"And verity, if you think we should deport people you are not a libertarian," . Where is it written anywhere that I am a libertarian? I'm not.

I'm a conservative. I believe in our laws developed over the centuries. I believe in our checks and balances, destroyed at a swipe by the most wicked man since Hitler,Tony Blair, developed over centuries.

I'm a conservative.

Also, incidentally, I have written this before, but I sincerely believe that Tony Blair is clinically insane. This isn't a cheap joke. I believe there is a pathology there which is lethal. (I believe Cherie is a dullard, swot, chippy, uppity leftie; but I think Tone is bonkers. Even his schoolmasters couldn't stand him.)

And of course we should deport "immigrants"/"asylum seekers" we don't need. If there are no jobs to force them into to be productive, we can't be their host. They have to seek their future elsewhere.

It's not our job to mop up travelling islamics.

This is bad for Britain how?

Anonymous said...

Contradictions inherent in the system? An abstract from a piece by Carol Iannone, via Laurence Auster:

‘... ideals are universal and require no cultural underpinnings or even any historical basis, but are applicable to all humanity everywhere right now, and it is racist and condescending even to think otherwise, it can be perceived as something of an insult to act or speak in any manner whatsover as if we might actually have a specific historic culture, or even that our ideals might have had some specific historical embodiment. Such a position can imply that other histories and cultural formations might not as readily support the ideals of liberal self-government and this must be utterly forbidden.’

Read the rest of this short piece at: We Are the World

Anonymous said...


I have a great deal of respect for you. You come across as articulate, well read, courageous and polite - all qualities I admire. I have a browse through MR everyday.

I particularly liked your recent thread header on Peckham. I have quite a bit of personal experience regarding the subject matter. I have read it several times and each time thought of something different I could say. But nothing of what I wanted to say would move the conversation forward or answer the end question. It would all just be me letting off steam.

However, I think you have misread Fulhamreactionary's post.

Fulham Reactionary was talking about the great British public in general and how they feel.

Yesterday I had a conversation with someone about Sunday night's Panorama. I didn't see it. This person said that everyone in their office felt they should all bugger off back to where they come from. But Muslim Asians are a radically different culture. I bet the response would not have been the same if the Asians had all been eating fish and chips and binge drinking.

IMHO if the BNP are as racist as the lefties say they are, the BNP are wise to focus on Islam as this would have a lot more traction with Joe Public than race.

The British indigenous population are the least racist ethnic group in Britain.

You could turn that on its head and say the indigenous people are the least ethnocentric group in Britain. But there it is.

I don't think people believe the economic argument for immigration and even if there was one, I don't suppose most people would give a toss, they just don't want to have to share their island with large groups of strange aliens who clearly don't like them very much.

The economic argument is so off target its funny.

Anonymous said...

After re-reading Fulham Reactionaries post, it looks like I have misread it as well.

I don't think Joe Public believes there is any economic benefit to immigration, and the economic arguments against immigration are not what really concerns them.

Anonymous said...

The one-worlders are winning.

There is nothing wrong or abnormal about wishing to be among one's own kind. There is nothing wrong or abnormal about wishing to be boss in one's own home/country.

The quality of British leadership within living memory, barring Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill, has been weak and abysmal. Today, New-Nu-Labour Dave Cameron puts "man made" climate change (aka "global warming" before that phrase got discredited) at the heart of his policy for a country which has been unravelling for a decade, which has a fragmented civil society with few laws that address the real issues of society and thousands of new lawlets which address social engineering, which has seen its legal structures shattered by Blair's wrecking ball, which has the most illiterate children in the EU and the most teenage pregnancies - and we now have to use the word "teenage" to include 11- and 12-year olds, hordes of unwanted and unneeded "immigrants" and a healthcare system on its knees ... and one-worlder Dave puts "man made climate change" at the heart of the domestic programme he supposes will sweep him into power.

The one worlders are winning. The Queen "offset her carbon footprint" - what a stupid phrase! - of her trip to the US by planting a tree or making a donation or some stupid thing which has already drained out of my mind.

Anonymous said...

Well Verity I wouldn't despair so much.

The one-worlders may appear to be winning but things will not be staying this way for long.

A global credit bubble is just bursting which means falling house prices and other serious unpleasantness.

I get the impression that the, erm.. 'Reactionary Right' is growing all over Europe

Global Warming will actually be positive for the Northern Hemisphere but it won't be funny for Africa. Which could lead to quite some crisis.

The USA may attack Iran which will probably upset a few people of a certain religious persuasion. Even if they don't, expect more terrorism and more tension.

Peak oil is on the horizon if not already here.

There is a really good explanation of why we hear so much about global warming and nothing about peak oil over on entitled 'Dancing With Fairies'.

It ends with "Once enough people get the idea that not only will government not help them but in fact cannot help them, it will be interesting to see how long the social compact holds. Even authoritarian regimes need a minimum level of popular support."

I expect things will get quite interesting over the next few years.

Globalisation and all that entails has been here once before. It ended in 1914.

Pull up a comfy chair, get some popcorn and enjoy the show. There is bugger all you can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cruddas sounds like a very nasty character from a Dickens' novel.

I bet the Portsmouth would have a field day with these Nu Lab non-entities.